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Hi Miro Community,


My name is Manouska and I am the Community Forum Lead at Miro! Happy to be here with you and have a chance to create this space for all Miro users to connect, collaborate, co-create and share knowledge with each other!

Take a moment to introduce yourself to the rest of the community. Follow this template for a chance to be featured in our monthly community spotlight!

  • Introduction template:    
    • 🎤  Name (pronouns optional)
    • 📍  Location
    • 💻  Organization + Role 
    • 💛  Areas of Expertise (ie. Product Management, Agile, Design, etc) 
    • 🎨  Interesting Fact About You

Feel free to add any other interesting information or even a fun picture with your pet :wink: This is the best way for all of us to get to know one another!


We can’t wait to get to know you all better and see you create the next big thing in this Miro Community!

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Hi everyone! My name is Brittni and I’m the Community Marketing Manager at Miro. I love meeting with each and every one of you and my greatest joy is creating a space where you all can come together in person and virtually.

When I’m not working at Miro, I’m playing with my two dogs, playing board games with my husband or singing my heart out at my favorite Karaoke bar. 


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Yay! Miro Heroes! :military_medal::trophy::medal:


Unlike the first introductions. I do not work at Miro. But I may as well for how passionate I am about the platform. I manage 50+ apps at project management, design, marketing, user support. I love it! I love the mission of the my company and using Miro allows me to get all my work done better!


Fun fact… despite working with mobile apps on a daily basis. I am able to keep my screen time to an average of 1.5 hours per day. Working in tech and living migraine free :laughing:

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Aloha :wave:

My name is Oleg, and I'm in charge of designing and executing extraordinary support for Miro customers. 

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you here! :nerd:

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Hi, I’m Rico. Brazilian 🇧🇷 by birth. American 🇺🇸by education. Belgian 🇧🇪 by beer consumption 🍻. 

I’m an Agile Coach and visual developer (aka no code). I use Miro to do User Story Mapping with clients, to do trainings, and to build my own products. 

No pets, so here is a picture of me finishing another workshop and capturing the notes in Miro. 


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Heyo, my name is Brynn.
I’m a PM for digital assistants at nib in Sydney, Australia.
We love using Miro for designing conversation flows. 


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Hi everyone! 

My name is Robert Skrobe, and I’m the owner/operator of Dallas Design Sprints here in Texas.  My focus is on virtual design sprinting, process improvement and professional development.  I’m also the organizer of the Global Virtual Design Sprint and the manager of the (Design Sprint) Referral Network.

I am not well versed in Miro, but I plan on getting more acquainted with it in a run-up to the GVDS in May.  

Fun fact about me:  I host a podcast with my son about Roblox that gets 5x the amount of traffic and interest than my business podcast.  It’s called Alden’s Amazing Roblox Review and we have a lot of fun making it.

If y’all are into networking, you can find me on LinkedIn:

Looking forward to meeting y’all, and hope you have a good rest of the week. :)

FYI:  The pic is of me and my son at Disney World.  He asked me to ride a water ride 16 times (I counted) because the lines were so short (it was also 60 degrees outside… he didn’t care much). 🤪



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Hi everyone, welcome to the Miro community! My name is Lena, and I’m a product marketing manager at Miro. 

If you have feedback about any of our features, want to share how you use Miro with the rest of users or have questions about our product, I’ll be happy to help!

Can’t wait to meet all of you here. 

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Howdy howdy! My name is Kyle Chipman. I’m the Chief Process Officer at Chipman Design Architecture, a nationally licensed architecture and interior design firm. I’m moving from Chicago to Portland at the end of this month and could not be happier - clean air and gluten-free food :)

Miro has genuinely changed (and expanded) the way I think. Every complex project I’ve taken on, I’ve planned out first in Miro. No other platform moves at the speed  of thought quite like it.

I’m always down to share neat boards and better ideas in Miro. See you at the next V-MUG!

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Hey Hey everyone!  I'm Jon, Principal of Improve Consulting Group Inc. based out of Calgary Alberta.  I've been a management consultant for nearly 20 years, and Improve specializes in operational excellence.  Basically, I help companies do things better, faster, and cheaper using a Lean approach.  I've been using Miro for almost two years now and have had some exciting projects using the tool.  Every client I work with is completely different and Miro is versatile enough to meet the need...the only limit seems to be my imagination!  

While I live in Calgary now, I am originally from Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada.  Here is a picture from one of my favourite places in the world, my family’s cottage on Cape Breton Island.

Great to meet you all, I very much look forward to hearing about how you are using Miro and how we can help our clients, colleagues and customers to start using this amazing tool! Feel free to link up with me on LinkedIn:

Sweet sweet paradise


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Hi everyone

My name is Kian and I’ve been using Miro now for three years - its just so helpful for remote working and for bringing ideas to life…  we use it a lot for gathering client information, sketching out the as-is and to-be workflows and then on into design - a key insight for us is that when you can help clients to ‘see’ what you’re building, it can help to bring it to life in their mind. 


I like to use Miro to make Op Art pics (at the weekends)


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I’m Elena and I run Marketing team @ Miro! If you ever want to geek about marketing, data, growth, experimentation, or have any suggestions about the product - let me know!

We use Miro internally for *everything* and it truly improves the way our distributed teams collaborate and work together. From ideation to planning to design to agile rituals to process documentation. Now I believe that distributed teams will be the future of this worlds’ workplace dynamics, as they enable diversity & rapid innovation, all while being environmentally concious. And i’m so proud to be part of this movement in this amazing company. 

Anyway, I’m super excited about our community launch and can’t wait to see what we can create together! 

We love our customers!!!




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Hi everyone,


My name is Tim Herbig and I’m a Product Management Coach and Consultant based in Germany (but working with clients all over Europe).


I use Miro for a variety of topics. Here are few:

  • Crafting my business strategy and OKR
  • Structuring Product Discoveries of my own topics and teams I’m working with
  • Creating templates (like Impact Mapping) for product teams to support outcome-thinking
  • To run remote workshops
  • To make talks and conference sessions interactive (see an example here: 
  • To structure and run fully remote meetups (more on that soon!)

I’m really looking forward to sharing what I’m learning with the community here and learn how others make the most of Miro.



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Hi everyone!  I’m Annie MacLeod and Project Management consultant, coach & mentor based in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.  I found Miro - or at that time Realtime Board - almost 3 years ago and love it.  I tell folks its the sexiest software I’ve found in about 20 years!  

I’ve partnered with two other folks here in Kelowna to develop the Project Gameboard - a proprietary system to visualize, manage and move your projects from ‘chaos to completion’.  We’ve also integrated key culture components for organizations, project teams and project managers to build high trust relationships and practices.  

We use Miro to do workshops with clients - stickies rule!  We’re also exploring the Miro integrations with PM tools such as Jira, MSTeams, Basecamp, etc.  Really looking forward to learning from this great community.  

Here’s my view from my office and Prince William surveying his domain!  


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Nice to meet Miro community!


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Greetings from LA~

My name is Joanna and I’m the Brand Events Manager at Miro :wave_tone2: I plan all of our sponsored trade shows and local meetups, along with our largest internal event, Distributed! I’m passionate about creating a delightful and unforgettable experience for attendees. If you’re curious about where the team is headed next, be sure to check out the News and Announcements page.


Following Kobe’s wise words, I’m looking forward to be inspired by this amazing community, and hope to inspire you as well! #mambamentality


If you ever want to chat more about events, or how great Kobe was, feel free to reach out!:grin:

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Hello, my name is Leandro from Brazil.
I’m a consultant. I help people and companies to improve they product and service with Lean, Agile and DevOps.

I love Miro and use it to organize my ideas and I'm stating using Miro with my customers.

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Hi everyone 👋
I’m Yuliya and I lead the Product Growth team at Miro! I work here and use Miro for a variety of use cases (from Ideation and Design to Presentations) for more than 6 years already! Happy to share my knowledge and learn from you! 
If you have any questions and suggestions about experimentation and our product — let me know! 



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Hi Miro Community!

I’m Katie, a User Experience Designer based in Boston. I’m currently working internally as part of a customer experience team for PTC’s Training Organization. 

I’m a huge advocate for Miro within the team I’m a part of. I was the lead in reworking our design process as well as the effort to improve communication and collaboration across all teammates irrespective of location, and that’s when we landed on Miro.  It has completely transformed our workflow and collaboration amongst the remote and cross-office teams! In addition, I’ve been involved in presentations and training leading various teams across PTC to integrate Miro into their workflow.


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Hi everyone! 🙌

My name is Tolya, and I’m Product Manager at Miro. I work on improving core and cross-device experience📱in our product :) 

If you have any feedback or questions about mobile & tablet apps, mindmapping and presentation experience in Miro — I’d be happy to chat! 👋

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I am Xenia, Growth Team PM @ Miro :sunglasses: My interest lies in everything around upgrading experience and premium features discovery. My team does research a lot, so if you are open to a 20-minute user interview in Zoom, please reach out. Happy to exchange growth challenges with other PMs, and share learnings we get from our experiments.

I have just posted an opinion poll for fellow product managers: we are excited to find out how you follow up on your customers’ feature requests!

Take part in the poll (always fun!) :eye:

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Hello there,

Adriaan here from Gent, Belgium. One of the most beautiful historical cities in Belgium (and beyond ;)

I call myself a design navigator. With a background in industrial design I help my clients to use design (thinking) on a strategical level. I’m the founder of two companies: Saflot creative consultants (with a focus on industrial design of physical products) and Apollo18 (using systemic design thinking to solve complex societal and environmental challenges).

Miro allows me to

  • visualise and present complex processes
  • facilitate participation and co-creation workshops,
  • make a log book of all the content generated during these workshops
  • orden and make sence of all my thoughts flashing through my head
  • collaborate with distributed teams or remote freelancers
  • get feedback from clients
  • collect and sort all kinds of research (I love the grid and the pdf extract functions)

I also use Miro in education, in guiding master students

Happy to share insights on the value of using Miro


design thinking process


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Hi everyone & a “Moin” from Hamburg,

I am so happy to join the community around miro and the miroverse! 🖐 Hello! 

My name is Martin, I am located in Hamburg (Germany) and I am working in a boutique strategy consultancy called not yet normal. As a business strategist and innovation consultant, miro is an essential part of my daily life. I constantly develop new formats, methods and sprint designs - and also will be happy to share.

And I am totally excited to join the conversations here and get inspired by all you interesting people!

Nice to meet you!


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Hiya all!

My name is Alex, and I’m Product Manager in Growth team at Miro! I’d love to hear your stories about integrating Miro in your team’s workflows and use cases. Ready to answer your questions about in-product communication, notifications, and anything else.

Please, reach me out, if any!

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hey hey hey :hand_splayed:

I am Boris, Platform Product Manager at Miro, and I’m really excited to talk to you about our API, automation and extension capabilities :robot:

If you’re developer or part-time coder, there’s a lot you can do with Miro, and I can show you how =)

If you not a dev guy but have a need for specific plugin/ integration/ feature - I’d also be happy to talk about that :wink:

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:wave: Hi everyone! 

I’m Melissa from the team here at Miro. I’m a part of our Product Marketing team alongside @Lena Shenkarenko and a few others, but I focus on the Enterprise side where we’re solving for effective collaboration at scale. 

Fun fact: I actually used Miro (yes, back when it was still RtB!) at my former company. I was working on customer journey mapping, found a couple of niche apps, needed something more flexible, and somehow found Miro in the process so I decided to switch over. I was thoroughly impressed at the initial experience of using Miro that I had to find out more about the team behind the platform. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard of it before -- long story short, few months went by and one conversation led to another and now here I am a part of the very team I was (and am still) so fond of. 

I’m excited to get to know you all; we have the best users around and you all inspire us to build the right thing, in the right way, at the right time.

Connect with me here and on LinkedIn!