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Hi guys 👋

I am Vincent from Berlin, Germany. I am an Agile Coach and Organisational Change Agents. 

Internally we use Miro exclusively for collaborative work, and it is our go-to tool for planning, preparing, and facilitating any type of workshop with our clients. 

We are also conducting workshops to teach fellow Agile Coachs or anyone who is interested in the in’s and out’s of Miro as their tool in Workshops - It's a blast.

I own all my Miro knowledge to YouTube Videos and clever Googleing, and I want to help others use Miro in the best possible way, that is also why I finally set up my profile here.

Find our first board on Miroverse here 🎉

Happy to connect with you on LinkedIn 🤝

Talk to ya all later 🙂


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Hey everyone

I’m Tadzio, a UX nooby from Switzerland. Just started my 2nd year of my MAS HCID study. We use Miro a lot for collaborating in class, doing research and a lot of other activities. I just love it :grinning:

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Good morning:

I’ve been a Miro Company Admin for about two years for The Home Depot’s SaaS Tools team.  Miro has been a great addition to our distributed working environment.  Our entire company had benefited from being able to white board their discussions, link to ticketing systems, and include additional interfaces with third party tools.

I look forward to the discussions on this channel.

Brian S. Wilson

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Hi everyone! 

My name is Robert Skrobe, and I’m the owner/operator of Dallas Design Sprints here in Texas.  My focus is on virtual design sprinting, process improvement and professional development.  I’m also the organizer of the Global Virtual Design Sprint and the manager of the (Design Sprint) Referral Network.

I am not well versed in Miro, but I plan on getting more acquainted with it in a run-up to the GVDS in May.  

Fun fact about me:  I host a podcast with my son about Roblox that gets 5x the amount of traffic and interest than my business podcast.  It’s called Alden’s Amazing Roblox Review and we have a lot of fun making it.

If y’all are into networking, you can find me on LinkedIn:

Looking forward to meeting y’all, and hope you have a good rest of the week. :)

FYI:  The pic is of me and my son at Disney World.  He asked me to ride a water ride 16 times (I counted) because the lines were so short (it was also 60 degrees outside… he didn’t care much). 🤪



Hi Robert! It’s a pleasure to meet you! Here is our webinar about using Miro for facilitating Design Sprints: It has a lot of good tips and tricks, hope it helps! 

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Hi, Miro community!
I hope everyone is doing well.
I’m Soumyadeep Mandal from Kolkata, India, and everyone can call me SaM, I’m a Frontend Web Developer & UI/UX Designer. I have been using Miro for almost 2 years and I love the way Miro works. As a Miro user myself, I found that Miro has the potential to achieve various goals in a much easier way and it also increases the agility of the workflow. I use Miro for my daily tasks as well as for my professional projects.

I knew it would be a great place to connect with thinkers, designers, and architects to connect, collaborate and share ideas.

Do you want to know more about me?
Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn
Follow on Twitter

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Good evening from Vietnam, 
My name is Nguyen, a Biology lecturer in university. I have just used Miro for one month. I hope I can learn from the community. So great to be here!


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Hello Community!

My name is Radek. I work as a Engineering and Software Architecture consultant in Poland. I use Miro extensively to conduct workshops, training and consultancies. I have big boards 😀 

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I’m Jeanette Cordova. I work as a program manager to the Association of University Centers located in Springfield, MD. I also have a private education consulting and advocacy business. I’m based in Broomfield, Colorado. I use MIRO for our webinars and other trainings.


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Hey all! I’m Shea (she/her) and I’m a research scientist at Stanford University, studying solar physics (more specifically, helioseismology...).


For about a year now, I’ve also been a team lead for a new inter-institutional science center we’re developing: Consequences of Fields and Flows in the Interior and Exterior of the Sun (COFFIES :smile::coffee::sunny: ). My role is the lead of an “effectiveness” team, and our primary goal “is to identify and help overcome the unique fundamental challenges that large research Centers face” including facilitating collaboration, knowledge integration, goal alignment, and task interdependence. Essentially we are team of scientists working to enable the collaborative science of the COFFIES Science Center as a whole.  


I discovered Miro while researching collaboration tools for COFFIES and we have used it fairly effectively so far for cross-science collaboration exercises and organizational planning. Of course, coordinating scientists is like herding cats :cat2: , but they seem to respond well to the interaction that Miro enables, particularly while we’re all working virtually from home but to continue at some level after the pandemic since the Center includes individuals and institutions located all over the world.


I’m always looking for ways to break down any barriers that might be standing in the way of our COFFIES members from being productive together and help them make better use of the collaborative software tools we’re providing to them. I finally joined the Miro Community after finding out that there is a Miro Desktop app that would make the tool even easier for some of my colleagues! Sadly, there isn’t a version for Linux yet so several of us still have to wait (I already upvoted that Community issue :wink: )


Nice to “meet” you all!

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Hello everyone!


I’m Juliette, I’m also halfway through my masters program. I’m studying Communication and specializing in deliberation at Colorado State University. While my program was focused on face-to-face deliberation initially, COVID-19 has prompted us to look into online tools and platforms for engagement. I am focusing on how to design processes and facilitate to maximize what online engagement can entail. 

I’m delightfully surprised by Miro’s ease of use and complex templates and customization options. What I initially dismissed as a digital whiteboard and sticky notes has shown to be very engaging, fun, and greatly improved the overall process and decision making. 


I’m looking forward to seeing how Miro adapts for live events and to test its capabilities as I prep to return to online teaching this Fall. 

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Hello everyone!

My name is Denis, Product Manager at Group, building an identity and access management system. 

I live in Moscow, Russia, but my team is in St. Peterburg, Russia. So I was looking for a tool to help me better work remotely with my team. I started to use Miro several months ago, already found some useful features, and pretty sure there’s a bunch of something yet undiscovered.

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Hi everyone!

I’m Silvia (she/her), a designer specialised in building accessible and usable products. I care about design ethics and sustainability. I’m currently based in Italy – my home country – and planning to go back to the UK, where I’ve lived for almost ten years.

I’m using Miro extensively at work, and wanted to try the AI feature. Can’t wait to receive the invite!

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to explore this community 😀. Nice to meet you!


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My name is Pascale LOUISE, I’m strategic designer at Airbus Innovation in digital services. I use Miro to facilitate workshops such as Vision or Mission workshop but also UX workshops such as User Journey workshop, Ideations workshops or Design Sprint. I must say Miro is my favorite tool :heart_eyes: !

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MI nombre es Adolfo soy pastor de la Iglesia Bautista el Calvario en Tegucigalpa Honduras, gracias por la bienvenida y decirle que Miro, es lo mejor que he encontrado

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Hi everyone, my name’s Sean.

I currently studying MSc Music, Mind and Brain in London. 

My research is looking into the effect tactile bass has on movement.

I also teach music performance skills.

Having tried note-taking and flashcards, neither of which clicked for me, I’m very excited to use Miro to help get an instant overview of dense topics. 

I think that once I make a mindmap of core principles within a topic, I can then make miro cards going into more depth. From there, anything I keep forgetting, I’ll make an Anki flashcard for it.

That way I don’t have to trudge through hundreds of redundant Anki cards each night. 

Lovely to be here and look forward to being part of this growing community! 

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Hi, all! 

I’m Hanne — new Mironeer & Texas native based in Austin. I’m a Creator Marketing Lead joining a team committed to supporting Creators through content and community to ensure your experience on Miro is the best it can be. ✨

What drew me to Miro is its limitlessness. As someone with ADD, it’s challenging for me to find ways to record my thoughts and ideas in a way that makes sense to me and others. On Miro, there are literally thousands of ways I can brainstorm, record, present, and edit my ideas to create outputs that are not only accurate, but also beautiful. Before joining, I used Miro to organize my job search, create mood boards to decorate my home, and create a portfolio for my work.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with ideas or suggestions for ways Miro can better support & represent you as a Creator, or just want to say hello. 😊

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Hi, people, how are you? Hope all is doing well. 😊

My name is Daniel Portugal. I’m an Agile instructor and coach at Caelum. l live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Social isolation has obligued our firm to work remote and we had to find tools that helped us adapt our classes. That search led me to Miro and from that moment I never looked back 😍.

I currently use Miro for various purposes:

  • prepare content for our classes, from simple diagrams to complete day-length schedules 
  • record videos and give classes using above content 
  • run retrospectives with our team and organization as a whole
  • facilitate team building activities
  • study and organize thoughts

As you can see I use Miro for everything!

One of my thirsty dogs!


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I'm in Sydney AU. I write helpful help centre articles so our customers, users and team members can learn how to use our stuff. My background is in media sales, support, design and next I'm trying to get into UX.
I just started using Miro and I'm loving it for card-sorting. Not sure what I'll use it for next, but can't wait to find out!
Cheers, R

Hey everyone! I’m Steph from Zapier. I’m a part of the Community team. I’m just checking in and saying hello to everyone at Miro. I look forward to connecting with everyone in this community. Cheers!

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Good day, everybody! My name is Elena, I work as an instructional designer at a university in Russia. Our department trains teachers in modern educational technologies. Miro allows us to involve listeners, organizes a very comfortable environment for collaboration. With miro, we can easily implement active learning methods that are the most effective.

Miro is one of the best things that happend to me in last! 


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Hi community.  I’m Eric Snell from Ohio, USA and I’m a devOps manager at Midmark supporting 3 dev teams.  I have become a huge fan of using Miro boards for anything that I need to communicate visually, collaboratively, quickly, and with a little bit of style (because my UI/UX skills are very lacking :-)).   

Looking forward to learning through interactions here.

More about me is on LinkedIn.



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Hi, everyone!

My name is Christiam and I work at Tec de Monterrey in Guadalajara, Mexico. I am a Teacher Trainer, and I help them in the use of edtech tools to improve their teaching. I use Miro to teach Industrial Design students, in my personal planning, and to collaborate with my team.

I publish short tutorials for Miro (in Spanish) in this playlist/channel.

Happy to share with the community!

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Hi, All!

I am a Prezi Classic user since Beta and am recovering from the Adobe Flash purge.

Now that I am using Miro as my digital presentation platform for my college courses, I am super impressed with all of the layout helpers for adding a bit of balance and structure to otherwise scrambled mind maps.

The ability to integrate YouTube videos with a simple paste is fantastic.

Still dreaming of a “Layers Tool” that will allow me to animate through a concept without leaving the frame. The ability to start with a blank frame and add concepts, details, and ideas is super powerful for introducing technical concepts.

Keep those awesome innovations and improvements coming!

All my Best,

-Bill =]


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Hi Everyone, am Abigail Anioke from Nigeria, a UI/UX Designer. Am new to the Miro Community, looking forward to learning, working and meeting with you all.

Thank you.


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Hey all! I’m Jaz, a Digital Product Manager here at Domino’s :pizza: (UK). I’m primarily focused on our eCommerce platform and website, trying to make it ridiculously easy for you to order pizza! 

I joined about 12 months ago and one of the first things I did to help facilitate some more collaborative working was get a subscription for Miro :nerd:.

Hopefully there’s some pizza fans on here :wink: