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Hi Miro Community! 

Im Artur, currently in Poland. Coming from automotive sales, marketing, and consulting, I am a facilitator and business agility coach.

🎯 Skills and knowledge of servant leadership, facilitation, situational awareness, conflict resolution, continual improvement, empowerment, and increasing transparency.


🎭 Recently, I started to design Retrospective templates and themes here, on Miroverse. 


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Hey Guy’s

I am an SEO expert at Saukrit digital agency. I have an interest in digital marketing, keyword research, Web development. Have worked with a large brand like Amazon, Facebook,

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Hello Miro entusiast, 

I’m Annika, Scrum Master and Agile Coach at MaibornWolff in Munich. In my job I support individuals, teams, and organizations to develop an agile mindset and create more valuable work together.

I have been using Miro for almost three years now and couldn’t imagine doing my work without it anymore. From team retrospectives, to agile training, I create everything in Miro. My creativity has no limits here and the people I work with benefit a lot from it. ✌🏼

Looking forward to getting inspiration from you and sharing mine with you. 🤗

Connect with me here on Linkedin.


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Hi there,

My name is Pieter and I am sustainability officer @ Delft University of technology. I like Miro very much, also for private use. 

Does anybody know how to create subscrip in Miro text. Carbon footprint is a thing in sustainability and CO2 looks so silly ;)

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I am a project leader in the medtech industry in Sweden and I am starting to work more and more with Miro as I feel it is a very good solution to visualize my projects and share relevant information very quickly.

I have used Miro for a few weeks so I am still in the learning phase and I look forward being able to use Miro at full capacity with my team members :)


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I am Mona Murad 

From Egypt

Fellow Expert Educator

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oh, I’ve already post 4 idea but forget to introduce myself.

1st  I speak french… and  I’ve a “incomplete” english. So sometimes, people  understand, but frequently not :)

I Work since 8 year in the national public radio-internet-television of french speaker in Belgium (RTBF)

Developer became Scrum Master became Safe Release Train Engineer…. 
Last year after a PI Planning and a lot of lot of post-it on  our wall @ work . I’m searching a solution to scan them.

And so I found an app on Google play…. Cool, It Take pictures of my wall,  it’s recognize post-it… AND OCR the text. 
It was the  miro App…. 
It’s made my first use. So after I’ve discover all other feature and start to make demo to  scrum master and workshop animators at work.

Now, a little more of one year later, we switch to an enterprise licence.
I’m admin but before I’m facilitator my colleguas to build  and use  board. 

My concern is not so much "the tool".
It is above all "doing good workshops", meeting good people, preparing well, organizing well, learning to co-lead,
I also have the Agile accompanying cap.

I  promise to our user to relay here idea and feedback.

I build a enterprise team  ​​​​​“Miro champion” to be many facilitator and Enterprise Template creator (because Miroverse is in english, and  we must have all in french)

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Hi everyone,

My Name is Annette and I am a Consultant / Design Thinking Coach based in Austria. I work with Miro since bit over a year now, and love the opportunity it provides.

I hope to find/share even more insights and tipps in this community.

All the best, Annette

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Hello, Namaste, Hola, Bonjour, Guten tag, Salve, konnichiwa

My name is Abhishek (it means Holy Process) Prasad from Pune India. I am a UX Design Ops Manager for ADP India and lookafter the entire design team in India for Design Ops.

I am glad to be here, I am excited to see you guys. I am working on a Enterprise product and my challenges are way different and complex, I found this place mor comfortable and I am sure I will find the solutions here only.

For all I am known by my handle #WhatsAbhiDoing for outer world :)


Love you guys,


Abhishek Prasad


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wow...awesome… speaking about promoting Miro… I do talk a lot about this app to anyone who wants to do engaging online activities… just love it

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Hiiii all :grinning:

my name is Donia » from Egypt :flag_eg:  I'm an Active Deep Learner eXperience Designer 

So, excited to be here with this great community of innovation & ideation. It has been 1 month since we started using Miro at work then we changed all our work & design trainings here at Miro. 

we used to work with more than 18 countries & nationalities. So, spreading Miro’s culture along our learning journeys was really beneficial.

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Belgian 🇧🇪 by beer consumption 🍻. 

I love :)

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A full-time social media analyst at Sciflare. works for a small, un-googleable private foundation that makes EA-adjacent donations.

I grew up in India and moved to New Jersey, Virginia during high school. After graduating from Adolph-Mac College and receiving my master’s degree from The George Washington University Graduate School of Human Resource Management,

At present, I work in Sciflare Technologies - a leading mobile app development company in chennai. Before joining Sciflare, i was a tutor, a freelance writer, a tech support agent, and a music journalist.

When I Worked in Sciflare I had the opportunity to write articles for fantasy sports at that time only I came to know the demand in fantasy cricket website development strategies.I grew up on a variety of dirt roads in the wilds of New Jersey, relying on fantasy and imagination to pass the time, along with outings to smell tree bark, climb rocks and wander, lonely as a cloud, along the dirt roads, getting rocks in my shoes and communing with the deer. It was a simple, beautiful place to grow up, but with only 3 students in my class from kindergarten through 2nd grade, something was needed to pass the time, and my imagination was supplemented by voracious reading habits. From a very young age, I was drawn to crime fiction.

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Hi guys!


My name is Martina and I am the Training and Development Expert at Q Experience :relieved:

We just recently started using Miro as a collaboration tool with our clients and for our distributed teams, as well as in trainings, workshops, brainstorming sessions or when developing new features and working on new projects.

I can safely say we are blown away by Miro and can’t wait to see what new features you have in mind :heart_eyes:

Cheers! :v:

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Hey everyone!

My name is Anton, I’m a product manager at Miro responsible for the “knowledge management” area of the product. Everything connected to storing and managing your content and knowledge is on my focus.

If you are open to a short user interview about your experience and thoughts about Knowledge management tools, please feel free to reach out to me!

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Hi there my name is Noel, i'm Scrum Master in General Software Inc, and i like Miro a lot. BTW i want to say sorry because my Spanglish is more better than my English. Thanks MIRO team.

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Hello I’m Mike, a value stream leader in the US.


I have been introduced to Miro by a co-worker who recommended converting our team white board meeting over to Miro. I like how nice it looks in comparison but still feel new to the tool and certainly looking for better ways to incorporate it to help the team continue to be more productive and accountable. 


Looking forward to learning more about different templates and features as I continue to use it daily. 

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Hello everyone, 

I’m a product manager at Miro with a focus on user management, team administration, licenses, and access rights. Feel free to reach to me with your feedback and ideas on organizing your teams and organizations, giving access to your boards and projects, and your overall experience with Miro Settings and Dashboard.

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Hi everyone!

My name's John and I'm the founder / principal consultant for a distributed digital analytics agency. Originally from Sydney, now based in Glasgow, I'm fairly new to Miro; I'm using it to visualise the logic associated with complex tagging & analytics implementations informing reports on user journeys for our clients' websites and apps.

So far it's been great for communicating the work that we're doing, providing unique briefing methods for development requirements, and contributing to project management via the Asana integration. Looking forward to further expanding on the various different ways to use Miro within the business.

Please feel free to connect:


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Hi, everybody. My name is Francisco Ordaz. I am from San Luis Potosí, México. I am higher education professor. I enjoy work with Miro to focus on projects. I like me a lot some ideas of learning and i am teaching in the area of networking technologies. I use Miro in many innovative ways I hope to learn many tips of community and share some of my experience.

This one of my projects, I really have more efficiency using this map. 


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I'm from the Netherlands. I'm testing the free account and I like it. I got a small business and communicate a lot with my cliënts en colleagues. I have differents project with different people. I'm not sure how it work with different team or sharing a bord. So I'm also not sure what a paid account would mean to me. SO I really like to brainstorm on that. Because if I have to put al lot of members in my team the account wil be to expensive for me and my business. I'm the only one in my own business. Show where should I be to talk about the options.

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Hi Everyone

My name is Avi Bachar

I am an Agile & Leadership Coach working with Product Development Organizations who wish to develop a live and kicking continues improvement or continues relevancy culture.

I am an expert in showing teams how to deliver valuable product increments using smart planning and requirements gathering processes,

while play it smart and reduce waste and tech debt systematically over time using a robust automated quality pipeline.

the result is increasing rate of ROI.

my work involves both leading the design and execution of work processes, tools, automated workflows etc. on one hand and developing the motivation and leadership of management and focal members to drive forward the change and develop the culture and mindset of continues improvement and relevancy

Although I am using Miro for a year now in various uses and love it very much,

I am still trying to figure out how can I promote it in my business online.

I would like to take a greater step with Miro and find and promote services online and thus get to customers not in my region or that would prefer online consulting.

Hope to get some ideas here.

in my personal live I am practicing Buddhist philosophy and leading meditation groups.

I hope to find ways to use Miro also to enhance this area of my live as well.


FB: (Mostly Hebrew)


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Hi everyone!

I’m a former designer and I have a company focused on change awareness and creativity. I’m a great advocate for Miro in my company and with my clients.
The use I have internally is very different than with our clients; from 1- designing every seminar systems and content to 2- bringing original tools to enrich communication, contacts and collaborative work to embrace change and by the way, touch base by strengthening links between people by having fun during this particularly difficult time in life and in companies.

Always exciting to discover a new thing!

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Hello everyone

My name is Mireille (said like Me-ray)    I led the people side of a community based global SaaS start for fourteen years, grew a vibrant online community of one million users for the Adobe Education Community and developed a National Training department at Apple 

After taking time to care for my Mom until she became an Angel this past Christmas, I am now looking to resume my career using my considerable people skills in global training (soft skills, software, technology) customers relations, executive coaching, organizational development and online community management. 

My interest in the Miro Community is to connect with others and to continue experimenting and looking for a number tools, strategies and techniques in bringing people together to share learn and grow with the focus on translating passions into something we can all believe in. 

I’m volunteering in a number of community practices and moderating a number of groups and the idea of using and learning Miro as a way to bring people and ideas together in a visual conversation that resonates with people appeals to me.

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Hello everyone. My name is Justin Hong from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Happy to be in this community to learn, share, connect and collaborate.