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Hi Miro Community,


My name is Manouska and I am the Community Forum Lead at Miro! Happy to be here with you and have a chance to create this space for all Miro users to connect, collaborate, co-create and share knowledge with each other!

Take a moment to introduce yourself to the rest of the community. Follow this template for a chance to be featured in our monthly community spotlight!

  • Introduction template:    
    • 🎤  Name (pronouns optional)
    • 📍  Location
    • 💻  Organization + Role 
    • 💛  Areas of Expertise (ie. Product Management, Agile, Design, etc) 
    • 🎨  Interesting Fact About You

Feel free to add any other interesting information or even a fun picture with your pet :wink: This is the best way for all of us to get to know one another!


We can’t wait to get to know you all better and see you create the next big thing in this Miro Community!

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I am an experienced business consultant focused on designing and implementing change. Currently, I am working on BPM-led transformation where we use Miro to interactively sync and share info across multiple locations. 

Looking forward to finding new ways to collaborate! Consolidating different types of media and sharing it on one page never been easier. 

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Hello I am Seyram from Ghana. I am a student teacher and recently did a semester international cause on empowering education in kp, København. It is my outmost wish to learn new and innovative ideas to teaching and also connect to the Miro community where I can also share ideas and experiences. I love to sing while I am alone 😊


Hey! I’m Haley! I’m new! I’m looking to leave my event coordination job and move into the UX/UI design space. Recently discovered Miro and used the mindmap to pitch a new way to drastically streamline a complex scheduling process at work.  I’m excited to play with all the other features!


My name is Wendy Tadokoro, and I'm from Brisbane, Australia. I own and run Organising Works; we help businesses to create, organise and share processes, procedures and training. In addition, we build amazing interactive online custom playbooks that centralise company information in one easy-to-manage location.

Just started using Miro with our clients and looking forward to more interactive meetings. 

I'm looking forward to learning from the community and sharing my experiences.

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My name is Wendy Tadokoro, and I'm from Brisbane, Australia. I own and run Organising Works; we help businesses to create, organise and share processes, procedures and training. In addition, we build amazing interactive online custom playbooks that centralise company information in one easy-to-manage location.

Just started using Miro with our clients and looking forward to more interactive meetings. 

I'm looking forward to learning from the community and sharing my experiences.

Welcome Wendy!!

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Hey folks, 

I’m Vlad, a software architect that uses Miro for dumping ideas and brainstorming solutions with the teams that I work with. 

I’m currently playing with Miro Rest and Web SDKs to programmatically create things in the board and automate repetitive Miro tasks. 


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I’m Jeanette Cordova. I work as a program manager to the Association of University Centers located in Springfield, MD. I also have a private education consulting and advocacy business. I’m based in Broomfield, Colorado. I use MIRO for our webinars and other trainings.


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Hi I’m Kula , a UX designer and consulting manager from Japan, happy to be here.

I’ve been using Miro for my personal projects as a UX designer for couples of years and I’m starting introducing Miro to my new consulting team recently.

There’s a lot of issues to solve before starting using Miro in a traditional Japanese company that I have to get the permission to use external cloud and sharing services and contact the salesmen to fix the purchase rule. But I’m sure everyone in the team will be happy with Miro!

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MI nombre es Adolfo soy pastor de la Iglesia Bautista el Calvario en Tegucigalpa Honduras, gracias por la bienvenida y decirle que Miro, es lo mejor que he encontrado

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Hello everyone!

I’m Andrej, a Product Owner and Consultant that focuses heavily on topics related to agility and product management. I think that the combination of both can create high value, regardless of the framework or system that will be used in the end.

I work for an Atlassian Platinum Partner called greenique and enjoy working with their technology and staff. Miro is in use internally and externally for all types of workshops, trainings and meetings. Whenever we need an interactive way of working, this has become the go-to tool and I wouldn’t want to miss it.

If you’re ever interested about any of these topics or would like to see how I handle workshops and miro boards, I’d be happy to share.

Now that you read through, enjoy your day and make it your best!

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👋 Hi everyone! I’m Marissa, I recently joined Miro as the new Community Lead over programs for professional service providers (PSPs), such as the Miro Professional Network (MPN) and Miro Experts. 

🔨 I’m currently working to redevelop the MPN and Experts programs to bring PSPs an improved member experience, better benefits, and brand new digital community channels where you can connect directly with one another and with us (the Miro team!).

🚀 I’m so excited to be here and get to know all of you! I can’t wait to build something incredible together! 💪

Hi everyone!

I’m Debbie, the Senior Product Designer for Fair Trade USA. I live in the San Francisco bay area in Sonoma County. My team uses Miro to synthesize UX research, create process maps, user flows, conduct brainstorming sessions, roadmap, and more. I love the collaboration features!

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Hi everyone, 

I am Axelle, from Belgium. I jump out of my bed in the morning to make the (professional) world more visual with drawings… because who’s not tired of bullet points and boring meetings? :-)  I have been a graphic recorder for the last 11 years (translating meetings into visuals, live) and launced Drawify (a visual storytelling platform) in 2021. I am a big fan of Miro because it makes online collaboration more visual and engaging… and to even accelerate this, we created a plug-in of Drawify for Miro. If you want to get some tips on how to use visuals in your collaboration, always happy to help! 

You want to find more about Drawify, Click here

Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin if you want to inspire my network or be inspired yourself. 

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Hello friends, I know that the world is sometimes too small for us when we are so many and we come from so many parts of the planet, but at the same time it is great to join the global Internet highway and forums like these to share ideas, smiles and motivations. My name is Gianfranco Peña, I have been directing a digital media studio in Lima, Peru for some time and at the same time I am dedicated to providing advice on brand strategy for entrepreneurs and companies of all types and sizes.

Miro has essentially been one more arm in my process and has given me the opportunity to reduce the friction of many meetings, making the word meet synonymous with productivity and not boredom.

It will be a pleasure to meet the other members of the forum and of course, a virtual coffee never hurts. Nice to talk about brand, life, Game of Thrones hahaha, etc.


By the way, this is my website where I share some articles that you may be interested in. A hug to all from Peru.



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Hi All,

Dave Canyon here from Saugerties NY. (Saw-gur-tease) (New Yawk)

I’m a podcaster/youtuber part time and a full time truck driver.

My podcast is Dumbing it Down with Dave.

My Youtube channel is Dave’s Fit life

My “Production company” that produces these shows is  Point001 Productions.

I have a VA (virtual assistant) helping me with various aspects of the company.

I am looking to create a whiteboard for our planning/ strategy /marketing and more.

I can do it easily on a whiteboard and dry erase markers.

I want to transfer all my info from my whiteboard to MIRO.

But I've been having a hard time with MIRO but I don’t want to quit.

I also want to learn how to use MIRO LIVE on air for my podcast.

I think it can be a very useful feature.

I’m hoping someone can help me get started and create something fantastic.

My business card. I have a few hundred of these. Who wants one?

Thank you to all in advance.

Dave Canyon

My whiteboard. A work in progress. 

Shaky board = sloppy handwriting

My banner photo


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Hi Everyone!! Hope your all doing well!!

Im Shane and i work as a Learning and Development Partner for an Agile consultancy based in Yorkshire (UK) 

Most of my career has been in delivering engaging face-to-face learning experiences and workshops. However, when the pandemic hit i found myself trying to replicate that same immersive experience digitally and for awhile it was tough……….I then came across Miro and it really did change the way i deliver my sessions! although i’m still a huge fan of face-to-face i’m also now a fan of using Miro. 


Im happy to connect and talk to anyone with interests in either learning and development and/or Agile project management.  

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Hello, My name is Fred,

I work at the isle of Texel in the netherlands. I am looking forward to collaborating more efficiently with my colleagues through Miro.


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I am Irena from Prague, Czech Republic. I am a Team Coordinator. I use Miro in some way, and I wish to learn more - for developing strategies, share ideas and provide workshops into our team. 

I look forward to exploring (for me) new features and new ways of cooperating. 

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Great DAY!!!!!!!!

My name is Ashley Shuler. I serve in various capacities - dependent on what hat I’m where, but one of my core gifts is the ability to organize people, processes, and outcomes.


As a Project Management Consultant, I partner with leaders and teams in the social impact, tech, service-provider, and creator’s economy industry to deliver high-quality programs and initiatives.


How do I best serve people?

  1. Training on project management workflows using ClickUp
  2. Training and Education on Project Management Foundations, Team Productivity, and Time Management 
  3. Serving as Fractional COO - Project Management as I work with project managers/implementors to jumpstart their Project Management ecosystem. 


I’m looking forward to grow in the Miro community to lead  PM workshops such as brainstorming sessions to lessons learned workshops, and project workflows.


I currently use Miro for my Youtube LIVE show: called Systems Lab LIVE. 


Connect with me here:






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Hi Miro Community! 

Im Artur, currently in Poland. Coming from automotive sales, marketing, and consulting, I am a facilitator and business agility coach.

🎯 Skills and knowledge of servant leadership, facilitation, situational awareness, conflict resolution, continual improvement, empowerment, and increasing transparency.


🎭 Recently, I started to design Retrospective templates and themes here, on Miroverse. 


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Hi I am Lara! I work at an advertising agency in NYC. Since COVID I have been using MIRO all the time to run internal and external workshops. 

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Hello Miro entusiast, 

I’m Annika, Scrum Master and Agile Coach at MaibornWolff in Munich. In my job I support individuals, teams, and organizations to develop an agile mindset and create more valuable work together.

I have been using Miro for almost three years now and couldn’t imagine doing my work without it anymore. From team retrospectives, to agile training, I create everything in Miro. My creativity has no limits here and the people I work with benefit a lot from it. ✌🏼

Looking forward to getting inspiration from you and sharing mine with you. 🤗

Connect with me here on Linkedin.


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Fyi, I am happy to share my retrospective templates with you.

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Good morning:

I’ve been a Miro Company Admin for about two years for The Home Depot’s SaaS Tools team.  Miro has been a great addition to our distributed working environment.  Our entire company had benefited from being able to white board their discussions, link to ticketing systems, and include additional interfaces with third party tools.

I look forward to the discussions on this channel.

Brian S. Wilson

Well, hello everyone :-)


I’m Trevor, and I run a small consultancy business in the UK. I specialise in helping companies think through their strategic options when it comes to technology and sustainability.

Miro has been a great aid to me for a few years, and I learn more every time I use it. Currently I am wrestling with integrations to Microsoft Teams to try to smooth out some of the collaboration hurdles I encounter when working with people who hate switching between tools!