Loving the new Grid tool!

  • 18 May 2020
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The new Grid tool showed up in my Miro environment today and I love it compared to the basic table tool!

The ability to easily move columns and rows around, to have multiple collaborators able to edit different cells at the same time and to drop objects into the cells are a big step forward. 

Now, I just have to go back to all the boards in which I’d created “fake” grids using rectangles and combinations of text boxes and other objects and replace them with grids :scream: !


3 replies

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Hi Krion,

what i love about this is:

Now i can add lists into my board.
This is an addition they have made even for the text-tool.

It wasn’t included before. 

And now as i played around a bit … i cannot belive how i lived without it all the time.

This gives a lot of flexibility and also structure into a board.

The auto-cell-resize function … Whoowhooowhooooooo

The ability to drag the cell-lines and move them like i can do in Excel

The backgroundcolouring of each cell 

Wow … i love miro and everyone who is involved in the developement.

Thank you all

I Love it too.


I want to be able to move a single cell the way you can move rows and columns.

Everything should adjust around it.

This is for a storyboarding use. It would be huge.

Surprised I can't find it in this product which I'm loving.

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@Michael Rosen -

I did a quick search of wish list ideas and couldn’t find a match for this requirement so would suggest if you do want to use the grid/table object for storyboarding that you add it as a new wish list topic following the guidelines here: Wish List: Everything You Need to Know 🌠 | Miro

However, is there a reason that you wouldn’t use sticky notes in a frame (i.e. freeform) rather than a table for storyboarding?