Live metrics in Miro via Geckoboard

  • 15 June 2020
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Hi everyone,

As both a Geckoboard and Miro user, I wanted to share this tip as I think it’s a super-handy way to make sure the team can access key metrics throughout the day, even if your team is fully or partially distributed.

Full disclosure, I work at Geckoboard as the Tester, and use Miro to facilitate my teams retros. I’d like to share this as someone who has used Miro. I’ve always wanted to embed key metrics in a place where I know everyone can see them. 

What is the challenge or problem this resolves?

Communicating key metrics to everyone in a fully-distributed team. 

What is your solution?

Embedding a live metrics dashboard in Miro.  

Normally we have this up on a TV in the office, but given we’re all remote now, I’ve found a way to embed it inside Miro. Now the team can quickly see the metrics we care about. 

These are the important steps to do this:

  • In Miro, click the more options menu at the bottom of the toolbar.
  • Click Paste iFrame code from the Apps window.
  • Return to Miro, In the a dialogue box, paste your dashboard's share link into the form field. Now wrap an <iframe> tag around the link, like below:
  • Click Embed to return to your board.
  • Click the Play icon to view your dashboard.

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