Learn: "How I Run Retrospectives in Miro” with Rob Hopps

  • 30 April 2024
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Learn: "How I Run Retrospectives in Miro” with Rob Hopps
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Hey Community!


I'm Rob, Software Engineer over at Miro!


You’ve probably done a whole bunch of retros. They’re that special time when our team comes together to reflect, brainstorm, and ultimately (hopefully) make things even better. And guess what? We do it all in Miro!

So, I'm inviting you to check out this video for a behind-the-scenes look at our process!





In this video, I cover:

  • Using nifty action shortcuts to keep things moving smoothly
  • Keeping brainstorming unbiased with private mode
  • Making sure those action points we come up with actually turn into real improvements


Trust me, there are plenty of little tricks you can start using right away to take your retrospectives up a notch


💬 Have any burning questions or want to share your own tips? Drop them in the comments section below! 



Rob @ Miro


2 replies

Hi @Rob Hopps - in regard to the Private mode. How do you go about when revealing the notes people have written?

Are all notes just shown at once, or one by one? 

Can you elaborate on how you go from brainstorming to voting.


Cheers - Jacob

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Hey @Jacob Enevoldsen!

With private mode, when you switch it on, everyone can write their stickies without other people seeing what they are writing. And then as soon as you switch it off, the notes are revealed all at once. If “Anyone can reveal their stickies” option is turned on, a Reveal all my sticky notes button appears for all users. They can then click this button to reveal their own sticky notes at any time, even while private mode is still active. All other sticky notes will remain hidden.

As for voting, we typically pick out the sticky notes that are relevant for voting from our brainstorming and then use the voting app to select them and have everyone join in to do the voting session.

Hope that helps!

Here are some help articles on private mode and voting that you may find useful.