How to utilize Miro for remote team to successfully influence without authority [Public Event]

  • 16 August 2023
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Hey Miro community, 

This is Danny from SpatialChat
We build the immersive video communication tool and our community love Miro. 
We provide the venue, that enables you to eliminate the need for constant tab-switching on your workshop. Seamlessly switch between different Miro boards
Or as a teacher you can seamlessly integrate multiple Miro boards into the virtual classroom, presenting content and engaging students without disrupting the flow of the class.

Next Monday we’re having the workshop, with one of the Miro expert, Joshua Davies, Lead conversation architect at Knowmium
​Join our open workshop to learn successful collaboration and influencing for remote teams. We will cover problem solving, framing conversations, facilitating others views, while unpacking possibilities.
We will speak and train how to influence without authority, find persuasion push, pull of sharing and understanding. In the session we will take concrete steps to impact in complex relationships with colleagues.

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