How to set up Miro and get a group started

  • 1 April 2021
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Hi folks

A client uses Miro, so I’m using it for a workshop in a couple of weeks. I’ve already spent some time playing to get used to the controls.
Some in my group of up to 15 will know how to use it but others will be a new. The client is sending a briefing out beforehand, but they’re busy people - I won’t expect them all to have the hang of it.

So, I’d really appreciate some pointers for:

1 How to set up a Miro board for brainstorming and capturing thoughts, with 3-4 groups 

2 How to give them a walkthrough at the start (maybe combined with an icebreaker)
Thank you:grinning:

3 replies

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@Ben Afia 

The right adress for this is the miroverse from miro:


There you can find a lot of ready to use boards like this one:




or this one:


Icebreakers you can find here:

So have fun with it.


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What I find works best:  Set up a simple brainstorming board using stickies. If needed, set up groups of stickies within different boxes. Each group gets a box (or each topic gets a box).

Next, spell out the instructions in a box on what users should do. For example:  1. Double click a sticky.  2. Start typing. It auto-formats, so type as much as you want. 3. If you make a mistake, use the undo button or use cntl-z

Finally, create a screen recording of you doing exactly what the users should do. Talk them through it as you do it. if menu functions are needed, they will be able to see exactly which ones you used.

Thank you Michael, I’ll have a dig around those links😀