Facilitating large groups in Miro - My top four tips

  • 21 February 2023
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Folks:  I had a great workshop last week on tuning up your virtual meetings - we focused on Colleens upcoming project kickoff meeting and how to build relationships by collaborating on her agenda, and customizing a MiroVerse template.  One question that came up is what are some top tips for working with large groups.  Check out my top 4 and let me know what yours are!   

4 replies

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Took longer to load the Miro board then read the tips… Pasted below for others to save time:

Hide Collaborators Cursors - some people get seasick watching them move!


Use large blocks of colour to differentiate work spaces based on your agenda topics


Use Bring Everyone to me to control where they wander


Use Frames and then hide content to control attention in a large group


Also @Annie, you didn’t lock your content to stop others from editing it... 

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@Annie -

Great list!

One more I’d add is to make use of Miro links (more than usual) to help folks navigate to key areas of the board. Also, take the time to have a good onboarding frame with key shortcuts and basic navigation tips so that you can focus on facilitating rather than bringing late arrivals up to speed.

Finally, lock down absolutely everything which doesn’t need to be modified as the greater the number of participants, the greater the likelihood of accidental (or not) destruction :-)


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Thanks, @Annie! (and thanks to @RGKD for posting the list here)

My tip: When it makes sense to, create simple objects ahead of time, e.g., sticky note packs. Example of when it does not make sense to do this: You will track responses by who created the sticky notes.

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Thanks @RGKD Too True - my bad!  Great points @Kiron Bondale and @Robert Johnson