Create bulk Cards from excel

  • 24 January 2023
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we use Cards and Kanban a lot in our business unit. a lot of our projects may need 100+ cards, where the text for each card already exists in a text file like Excel.  It would be very helpful to be able to generate bulk cards from maybe a CSV file.

3 replies

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@Terry Riches 

You can copy paste cells from Excel into Miro, paste as sticky notes, and then convert the stickies to cards.  This will give you a ‘title’ of the card = to the value in the cell. It won’t however give you, say, a title AND description, as Miro cards support.  See video below. 

Oh, also: You have to convert the shape types in batches no larger than 30 at a time. 


can those cards be dropped into the Kanban?

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@Terry Riches Not automatically…but they can be added/dropped manually.