Comments - Any procedures or ideas to keep a handle on them?

  • 21 April 2020
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I love the comment function in Miro.  Tagging people or the entire board works great when you want to draw someone’s attention to a specific area of the board. It’s great that you can hide comments, resolve comments, and view only comments that you are tagged in.

Still, when I work with my teams, the comments quickly get out of control and clutter the board. Hiding all comments is nice, but puts you at risk of missing when someone needs your feedback or input. Many of the comments on my boards are good comments, but they are left as hanging ideas that might never be resolved fully, and so they stay unresolved.

Has anyone developed a procedure or guidelines for commenting on a board that prevent comments from getting out of control? Things like:

  • when to comment
  • tagging rules
  • when to resolve a comment
  • moving from comments to action (develop the ideas behind a comment on the board using templates)

Some best practices or guidance in the area of commenting would surely be helpful, what do you think amazing Miro Community?

5 replies

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I think either @Kiron Bondale or @mlanders mentioned the use of "Comments" Kanban using Sticky Notes instead of Comments feature.

Make the idea/suggestion-type comments visible on the board itself and easily addressed or archived afterwards. If they know how to do links, they can easily link Sticky Notes to the areas of interest/to be addressed.

Not sure yet if you can tag others on Stickies though!

I have a dedicated space for feedback and questions but I think you get the idea :)


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@Jonathan White -

Why not use the Notes board to capture the dialogue instead? You can add comments to Notes and tag folks in there?


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Thanks @Kiron Bondale, the Notes area is something I totally underuse and I need to get better at it, plain and simple.  I think this might be the best solution for me.


Thanks to you too @Isman Tanuri. You can't tag folks via stick notes, and even though you can set a tag with a person’s name, their attention is not drawn there and notifications don’t go out. Perhaps you should be able to tag folks in any shape or asset on the board. But I do like the dedicated space for comments, which could very well be the Notes area.


Really appreciate you both taking the time to respond, go community!!!

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Hi @Jonathan White ,


that is a real good question:

First from the beginning when I’m going to plan a seminar or event I plan exactly at which point of my seminar the participants can comment. I used either the timer tool of miro or I tell them: We’ll meet again at 7 pm and then I look into your comment section.

If I like to give more structure I tell them to sum up the most important comments into a already created result-frame. Either they do this themself or when I jump into the board at 7 pm for instance and I’m going to moderate this process.

If I think it is necessary I tag or number this comments by its importance - maybe for a next meeting to have the most important point we have to work on.

Mostly at the end of a workshop I sum up the results of the day by jumping from one frame to another bring them in the correct position in the frame-view and create a pdf out of this frames - place it on an extra frame and send them the pdf as result-of-the-day via mail. 

When they are still able to get into the board they have everything they need.




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Thanks @mlanders! I think this is a fantastic way of moderating comments for a workshop or session, and I will take a few tips from your comment. As always, being intentional and deliberate on how you are receiving and responding to feedback is the best way to go.

Outside of facilitated workshops, I am using Miro quite a bit to work with teams to develop products or services, and in these cases, there is more asynchronous collaboration, which means more comments and less structure. I think the answer here is also rigour and consistency. I need to be intentional about comments and keep the conversation going to ensure folks not only think their comments have been responded to and that everyone is aware of what was asked/answered/commented.


Thanks so much for the great feedback!