Active authors who write about Miro?

  • 29 January 2020
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Hi all!

I’m a semi-newbie to Miro (in that I haven’t used it much) and would like to understand the nuances of it’s application from different people who are active users.  Could anyone point me to some recent case studies or articles where Miro was part of a project/endeavor?  


It can be on Medium, a related Miro blog, LinkedIn, etc.  Doesn’t really matter. :)


Thanks in advance!

9 replies

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Hi Robert - I wrote a post about how I used Miro to plan out an office-wide seating re-assignment. There’s another I wrote which is slightly less case-study-y and more about a holistic approach to the Miro alongside general visual hierarchy tips.

I’ve used the platform to plan out our firm’s infrastructure / technology stack, and when building out workflows for rollout programs. Happy to field any questions you might have on any of these fronts :)

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Hi Kyle,

Thanks for sharing those!  I especially like the seating chart examples you showcased in the first article.  The animated movies helped to follow things along.

Did you notice any performance issues or lag with Miro when working with the finalized seating chart and all of its various elements?

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Not a bit. We had offices in all four time zones (US) running on the same board without lag or latency. Miro is silky smooth. I’ve only had two international  work experiences, neither of which showed performance issues either. Let me know how else I can help.

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Very good to know!  Thanks @Kyle Chipman.

I’m all set over here.  Appreciate the help. :)

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Hi Robert! 

I am managing MiroBlog and I am happy to help! Here are some of my favorite posts both on the blog and elsewhere:

and a very good video about UX design tech stack: 

 Hope that helps! :)

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Hi @Anna Savina !

I’ll check those out.  I was familiar with AJ&Smart’s video from before, but the others I don’t recognize.  

Good to connect with you on LinkedIn as well. :) . If I have any questions, I’ll come back around.


Thank you very much!

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Oh, and the remote design guide is excellent. I promoted that on LinkedIn earlier too. :)


Hey @Robert Skrobe! Good to see you here!

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Hey @Robert Skrobe! Good to see you here!

Miguel!  Funny how that weird circle of life thing happens.  Hope you are well. :)