When Frames are set to grid mode, the Grid should treat a group as a single item.

I use “name badges” in my public workshops to help people have a virtual presence on the board. The name badges often have things like “three icons that describe an interesting fact about you”, a headshot, and some text for the name and maybe a role or company. If I want all of the name badges to drop into a Grid formatted Frame, the grid treats each grouped item as a unique entity. Example:

Dragging these two grouped name badges on the the frame below:


Will do this:

When I want this:


This feels very close to a bug/defect to me, versus a new feature request, but either way it would be work for the development team to change the system, so I’m posting it here.

Oh man - I would be so happy if Miro had an app that was literally the above, except not a cobbled together group for each badge.