Share boards to view AND copy (not edit)

I am regularly creating boards, templates, canvases for industry practitioners to use (mostly readers of my blog). 

So far I have been using Google Apps where this is easy, by sharing a link that user can access to VIEW and COPY the document.

It would be nice to have a similar feature on Miro, as otherwise Miro is a highly limited walled garden where the community cannot easily exchange templates and boards across organisational boundaries.

Hi @Marcel Britsch,

Miroverse is our new Community Templates Gallery, giving all Miro users a platform to share their proven workflows, projects, and frameworks with the world. It’s on the website so it’s discoverable by everyone (not just Miro users). You’ll also get the added bonus of a dedicated Miroverse profile page, so all your templates will have a home together. 

If you’d like to share your work on Miroverse you can contribute via the submission form.

Otherwise, if you first want to dive into the details first, check out the Help Center articles.

Best, Kristin


Hi @Marcel Britsch! I’m glad to let you know that you can now manage board content permissions and allow your board viewers to save the shared board to their accounts. You will find more details here in our Help Center.