Right-click and drag mouse for navigating canvas

I use LucidChart for diagramming and I really like the ability to right-click and drag my mouse to navigate the canvas. Miro’s Navigation mode selection is a bit confusing in comparison.

@Dave Miyamasu - Simple. Effective. I like this!

Do add your own vote to this idea ;)

Maybe the right-click action could be configurable, two options being:

  1. drag canvas
  2. multiple select (like Shift + drag)

This item has been delivered :thumbsup:



DECEMBER 27, 2021

Weekly update – Enterprise deployment for Miro’s Windows app, workflow transitions supported for Jira Cards, and more

Miro board UX improvements

We released a bundle of UX improvements to make using Miro more intuitive:

  • Better mouse navigation

Previously, mouse users accidentally moved board objects when trying to pan with the left mouse button. Now Miro customers need to use the right button to pan, which prevents them from making unwanted board edits.