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When I am using Miro on my PC, I can paste an image that I copied with the combination of CTRL +V. How can  I paste a copied image to Miro on my iPad Pro? Nothing seems to work. Thanks 

Second this, pasting images onto miro board is essential to my workflow and having to manually go into the upload tab in the ipad version is a pain.

Hi there,

For now, you can only upload the images with the Upload button on the toolbar, or via the multitasking mode, when you drag the images from the gallery right to the Miro board. 

You should be able to paste from the clipboard directly into the board on the Miro app. This is a very common feature that most serious apps support. The upload button only supports “saved files”, “URLs”, and “My Device” which lets you browse files, take a photo, or look at your photo library. None of these options are appropriate for my workflow.

This is an issue for me as well. It is crucial to be able to cut and paste from MacBook and iPad 


Hi guys. So my google search brought me here. It’s a pity to find out that a basic feature of any decent app is not supported in the iPad version. How come?

Any movement on this item ? This is basic functionality, simple Paste function ,  please implement now soon.  

So I was in my photos and found a  photo from a long time ago, I can’t copy it and paste it into Miro.   When I go to Upload in Miro it jumps to the most recent images in camera roll.  So then I Saved to files and then tried to upload as a File instead  which Miro was unable to place into the document.  So my only choice is to scroll in the Miro Photo browser all the way back one year to find the image Again! 

  Copy paste comes first.  get off the Kan Bans and what have you,  and please give us a simple Paste  



copy Paste is 100 % necessary.  This app is being marketed to Professionals, please make sure the basics are done correctly. 


Hi there,

For now, you can only upload the images with the Upload button on the toolbar, or via the multitasking mode, when you drag the images from the gallery right to the Miro board. 

Unfortunately, this is not the best answer @Marina, this can only be a worst answer. We need copy paste function in iPad. Thanks. 

That’s about the most crucial function that can be missing … feels like missing one of my two hands ;)

@Marina: any news about implementing the “easy use” copy paste function?

Hi @Manuel Frey,

I’m afraid, no news so far, but this is something the team is aware of and has in the backlog. 

It could be linked to something I asked lately.


Adding my voice to the chorus that can’t believe copy/paste functionality isn’t native to the IPad app…


How about on Mural? This is worth defecting over…

Same here. I created a temp folder on my iPad, just for miro. When I copy an image somewhere, I launch the “files” app, and then paste the copied/cut image in there. Then I use the upload function. 

In other apps, even Microsoft apps, clipboard content can be pasted directly from another app. 



I Hope this basic Function is comming son.

it realy a big issu !,!!! 

Same here!  pretty critical.  one of the most useful things about iPad & Handoff is the cross-device clipboard.  I’m regularly screenshoting stuff via the cross-hair selector on the mac, and then pasting that image from the clipboard into apps like Notability where i can then annotate on top of whatever i’ve grabbed.   Very frustrating not to be able to do this thing that exists in so many other apps in Miro!

Any developments on this? It looks to have been requested almost a year ago for this basic function? @Marina ?

Pasting a URL in a board is such a common workflow, pretty sucky that it is not possible

On the iPad there is an app that allows Miro to be full screen on a second display.

It works great with google docs and you can take a screenshot on the ipad and use the transfer:copy option.

Then in google docs you can use cmd+v to paste the image.

When I try the same option in miro, it fails to work.

Is there a reason that Docs can allow pasting into a doc or drawing, but miro cannot?


Shiftscreen is cool, but has some limitations. It uses the entire screen of my 4k monitor, but it doesn't use the full resolution, so the text is sort of blown up a little bit. The app must be open in a split screen (taking up at least 1/3 of your ipad screen space). It only works for web apps like miro and google docs etc. If miro can support the copy/paste like google docs, then I'd say it's a nice way to get yourself some more screen space and play a video on ipad while taking screenshots and marking them up on the second screen.


However, it would be nicer if Miro provided a video player inside their app with an ftp service (just like AVplayer or Infuse). Ideally I would be able to save a spot in a video and bookmark it in miro (even if the video is never uploaded to miro, but kept local on my device or on a google drive or on youtube or vimeo).  I would like to capture the video screen and then draw notes on that screen. When playing the video again, I'd like the notes synchronized with the video so that as it plays, the notes can either be opened with a click or the miro board moves along with the timings that were saved as the notes were written while playing the video.  Doesn't have to be that complicated and I'm sure others have good ideas, but a collaborative video boarding system would be really helpful for studying.

Hi @Yevheniya … I was struggling with this as well and got to see a paste option (but actually doesn´t work.

Try this:

  • Double tap + hold the second tap on screen (a “paste” button appears)

The problem comes here… if you:

  • Keep holding on your second tap… the “paste” button disappears and you en up with the “selection area” tool
  • If you release your second tap the “paste” button fades away and you are not able to fulfill the function
  • + if you double tap too quickly, as you may know, you get a sticky note.


Hope Miros development tool could solve this challenge since I too believe that this function is really important for agile use of Miro and is by no means replaceable with duplicating an item (which I dont like because maybe I need to paste somewhere else far far away on my Miro map)


Hope I helped at least understand how it doesn’t work.

Ping @Marina 
Any progress. Please prioritize


Best regards


…this might be progress.

I am using Collect and Miro. I had the paste problem for ages too until I wanted to move images from Collect to Miro. With both apps open on the iPad I can drag and drop images from Collect to Miro!

Miro became a bit slow but it seems to work.

Hope it helps someone - maybe other apps work too!?


Indeed, essential feature! Take so much more time to work around!

Here’s a workaround. IPad allows you to view two apps in split screen mode: 

-in Miro, tap at the very top/center. You’ll see three icons. Pick the center (split screen icon).

-now open Photos (or Procreate). 

-in thumbnail mode, drag the thumbnail image from Photos into Miro. It will import the image to Miro

-tap back in the top center of Miro and select the left icon to return to full screen. 

Still not a true copy/paste, but best way I’ve found for now.

I could not believe that a basic feature like „paste“ is missing in this app. Then I found this post and see that it is on the „wish list“ since two years…😳  Please Mironeers, prioritize this essential functionality!