Native horizontal scrolling in sticker packs pane

I predominantly use a mouse, and the wheel to scroll. I found that I can scroll vertically through the apps in the left-vertical content creation toolbar (sticky notes, frames, cards, etc.), but when I open the Stickers and Emojis app and need to get to the a sticker pack down/over in the list, e.g., Miro Monster, horizonal scrolling does not work.

To get around this, I have to either mouse-wheel though the stickers themselves, or click on the farthest right sicker packs to advance the list towards the end.

My Wish List Idea

To be able to be horizontally scroll left/right by wheeling my mouse up/down. I believe some CSS like this could work →


There are a few workarounds, including

  • Holding the Shift key while wheeling my mouse
  • Pressing down on my mouse wheel [button] and moving my mouse left/right.
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