"My Boards"

When I add new users to Miro I add them under our “default” company team. If applicable I also add them to other teams.

Often Miro users are given links to boards within my department’s Miro team because they’re participating in a project we’re leading. However, I don’t add those users to our team, they only need to see a board or two for that project. Those project boards are shared “Anyone with the link can edit” and they’re password protected.

I had a project participant ask me today, “how can I navigate to our project board within Miro?” He shared his screen with me and showed that he only sees our company team and there’s no list of “boards shared with him”.

Could users have a view of “boards shared with me” or a “favorites” list? Something that would help them to quickly navigate to boards from their Miro dashboard?

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