Move & Delete Guard to prevent Accidental Edits to Board

Without failure, even the most seasoned veteran of Miro, will make accidental edits to a Board when starting a session.

Also, because of Browser cache reasons sometimes an unintended edit will be started, unknow to the User, and they exit the Board leaving a wake of destruction in their path.

To prevent these can a Guard be added to alert User they are about to Edit/Move/Delete Object(s) and to continue ask for confirmation.Ā  If the changes are intentional and will continue the Guard can be disabled by unlocking.


Yeah, this would be great. I imagine that it would lock the object/element but a user would still be able to edit its contents

Whoever read this: I opened an idea for a personal toggle (or something) to keep the board readonly until Iā€™m ready to do edits. Please vote for it: