Mind maps in all four directions (up and down)

I would really appreciate being able to mind map truly in all four directions. As of now there’s only left and right. If you move an item to the top or bottom of the starting node, the item is still either connected to the left or right side, continuing to build in that direction. In this way, I’m at best able to map in four directions diagonally.

The reason for the request is that I’m building a board with several mind maps building from the edges and towards the center.

Thank you!


There are a lot of similar requests in the community 

a recent not quiet identical at the start but overlapping discussion is https://community.miro.com/got-a-question-ask-the-community-45/duplication-issue-for-mindmaps-1863 - Long and the short of it is use other shapes and drag a blue dot to build your MM from just non-mm shapes