Linux Desktop App

Is that on some short-mid term plan?



Devops from 30+K company - it’s extremely easy to have app for Linux, Win and ever MacOS simultaneously or this is a sign.

Especially in IT companies Linux Desktop environments are quite common.


I have an educated guess that you already track what Operating System your customers are using.


Yet it’s weird to get a hint to install a App, but it’s not existing for Linux.

What about this one? 

I could think this is the unofficial for Linux, but it is like  a embedded web page.

Linux app, native, would be very useful. The browser experience is always impaired, laggy, choppy. Not nice in short. A native application would benefit from everything that Linux gives. I don’t consider applications like Slack native, it is just a web browser forced to do what it is not intended to do and wrapped up with limiting technology (Electron). This is not the way native Miro should be done.

Yep. I agree on that. It is not the same user experience. You can easily notices a low performance when comparing with a native app (windows on in my case).

Many teams now are running on Linux. I really hope to have a native app.

I can only join this by saying a Linux app is not a luxury and looking forward to it’s release.


I’m a bit surprised it doesn’t exist already

Wen Linux app?

I’d love download the desktop version for linux, but i can’t found. Someone knows where i can get it?

It would be great to see a miro app for linux. Appimage or Snap even. Our teams are linux based. 

waiting for the linux app ...

This is not just an “idea”, but a requirement. How hard can it be, if windows and Mac are also possible?

There is a snap app, but as Luis Baquero says, it seems to be just a wrapper, and I can’t get it to work in Ubuntu 22.04.