Increase character limit for text boxes

I use the text boxes to create outlines of design wireframes for developer reference.
In these situations, it is incredibly common that I run into the character limit for the text boxes and have to break my outline into multiple boxes. The whole process becomes much more frustrating and cumbersome from then on out.

The imposed character limit seems incredibly arbitrary, pointless, and some of the formatting of outlines seems to eat away at the count even quicker.

At the end of the day, when I can easily paste giant image files that will certainly chew up my RAM, why is there such a miniscule text limit? surely it’s not a technical limitation.
At least allow for a “long text” box or something that supports big blocks of text. It is necessary for me to use your software effectively, whether your product team believes that method or not you shouldn’t actively prevent me from doing it.

I use miro to brainstorm ideas before consolidating for presentation-ran into this issue and it disrupted my workflow

Same, I use text boxes to update meeting minutes. Miro seems so capable yet this is a very basic limitation.

Got a similar experience. It makes no sense to put a character limit. If it’s a big of a deal, then please give us a text area with unlimited characters.

I’m thinking to switch from MS OneNote to Miro but text limitation is a breaker.

Each and every day I face more stupid limitations that really make me wonder if I should switch to other tool… I will try some options.

I think this could very easily be solved by giving users the ability to upload, view, and edit .txt files natively. These tend to have very small file sizes compared to images, and using this method could bypass character limits that might be imposed by the database.

In its current form, this text limitation is forcing me to re-evaluate whether I can justify continuing my migration to Miro or not. The only reasonable workaround I can see for the moment is to link cards to an external site to store, edit, and view any text that is longer than the limit, but it seems like that has the ability to get very messy very fast.

My industry uses Miro and this fact alone is making both myself and my colleagues search for a better tool. 

Fix this, Miro! This is a huge “bug” that will continue to alienate users and makes it so that I can’t recommend this to others. 

Oh no, there IS a text limit. Wanted to use Miro and after 2 minutes of using it I ran into this issue. And after months it’s still not fixed. My gosh. It turns useless for me. I want to use ONE tool to do my things and not again several tools. Please get it fixed! ☹️

I understand there’s a concern around recommending short and concise text (people tend to not read long texts), but maybe instead of giving a message that a limit is reached AND disrupting workflow - which also happens to me often (specially when using lists - as I saw another community post complaining too - though not only when making lists); instead, the message can just be a tip / hint to avoid long texts / recommended to be concise. And if a limit is really needed than still at least double it but also show an character count at least when coming close to the margin… 

But really no limit and only maybe a tip at a certain count would be best.

He tenido una experiencia similar. No tiene sentido establecer un límite de caracteres. Si este es un problema importante, cree un área de texto con un número limitado de caracteres.

Most frustrating is that there is no explanation of the rationale for imposing a 6,000 character text limit, as though the reason for setting a limit in the first place, and for making it 6,000 as opposed to some other number, is so obvious that it need not even be explained (and this in a tool that seems to allow an almost unlimited range of text/shape sizes, making the idea of much stricter limits on amount of text really counterintuitive).

Agree with the earlier post that the limit itself should be scrapped and, if necessary, expand it and provide a counter so people know when their progress will be interrupted by the tool whose entire raison d’etre is to ease workflows. 

With bullet point lists I have a massive restriction right now to max 1500 charackters 😱 Is this a bug or just a nightmareish restriction by default?

I workarouned this problem by splitting big text box to several smaller - but yes, it will be more comfortable to store in one :)

I workarouned this problem by splitting big text box to several smaller - but yes, it will be more comfortable to store in one :)

This would work if you are not using Numbered list in your text… new text box forces to start numbering from 1 and there is no possibility to continue numbering… :( 

I hope this limitation is removed. A major cause for frustration within my team

This limit makes me not want to use Miro for my growing business. We would need Miro to help ideate large projects and this text limit is...limiting 

Considering abandoning Miro for Figjam for this reason

This is absolutely insane, I am synthesising a service design workshop right now. First creating consolidated “MECE” versions of the sticky note artefacts created in the WS. Then I just want to us a plain text structure to do the insight gathering and clustering across frameworks, in order to get them out and contstruct the story in PPT: But not possible!!!!. I guess the work around is to use a plain text file in an adjacent window. But really Miro, what are you thinking?!?!?

Been loving Miro but this is absurd. Needs to be fixed or I’m on to something else.

that really frustrated me. I have my entire life plan in Miro and I write long texts. 
Please, Miro developers, remove the limit, it's a huge disruption to the product. 

This is a huge limitation and I hate it. Please fix it so I can go back to being a Miro advocate.

Crickets from Miro developers. 
I agree with the statement Kevin made that I can literally post a picture that is hundreds of megabytes with insane resolution with absolutely no problem. You could post an entire encyclopedia volume of text in about 8 megabytes. So why this absolutely ridiculous arbitrary restriction? Why not let people work in miro the way they want to and not the way some miro dev decided for some unknow reason?

Agreed, just reached 6000 text size limit, unbelievable. Seems like a flaw by the original developer. The world has high speed broadband in place now and I’m using a computer capable of 10 teraflop calculations per second and 64gb ram so where is the rational ?


Miro please fix immediately or I will go elsewhere for my tools and I’m sure others will do the same 

My first time really trusting Miro and going all in with my data synthesis needs and I’m completely disappointed. 


I started looking on the internet to see what I AM DOING WRONG! just to find out it wasn’t me!

Miro product team. Please prioritize this issue. it’s a huge shortcoming. raw data is not captured in stickies. 

With bullet point lists I have a massive restriction right now to max 1500 charackters 😱 Is this a bug or just a nightmareish restriction by default?

I too am running into the problem where the unexplained and pointless character limitation of 6000 is drastically reduced closer to 1000.  I am stuck using this tool for other reasons and this makes me hate it and no longer useful for visualizing database relationships in detail.