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I’d like a possibility to import boards from Mural. To make it easier to switch to Miro 🙂.

Would also really like to have this functionality!

MIRO go go go !

how long might we have to wait?

Even if we could import pdf from mural. That would be helpful.

I would really like this feature too. Like the others, it would make it easier to switch to Miro PLUS we work with other partners and agencies who use Mural and we’d like to be able to import their Mural boards into Miro. I don’t know if I would want to import pdfs from Mural; I’m more interested in pulling actual Mural boards into Miro itself.

This would be such a great feature to have - even if it’s converting and importing the editable stickies

Found on this thread.

Could provide some temporary migration relief.

Pleaaaase help us save some time!

Hallo Product ppl, will this come? I am considering switching to miro


I have so many old boards that are keeping me tethered to Mural even though I now realize it can’t handle big boards like Miro can. If I could import Mural boards I could just consolidate everything and do away with Mural altogether.

I just ran into this issue, not tried any plugins but here is a kind of workaround. Export a frame as csv then open in excel/numbers and select all and paste into Mural or vice versa, you will need to regroup them but it pastes in a stickie note.

What is this? Atlassian?

This isn’t rocketscience. LucidSpark is already working on MIRO importation, MURAL probably already underway for all I know.

MIRO should be able to support this’s only logical, and to charge $99 per board? Insane.


I’d really like this to happen and any tips on change management from Mural to Miro are welcome!

Hi folks, tried to use the WeLoveBoards service - got a quote for a board migration from Mural to Miro using their on-line quote tool for $57.85 based on the elements on the board when I shared the board elements with them

After giving them access to my and their Mural account they came back with a new quote for all new migrations at  $99,95 - when I queried the difference I was told that they would revert to the first quote. Then I received an invoice & asked to see the board in Miro (even in view only mode) before making payment & received this email: 


“I think we are not suited to work together. There has been a lot of back and forth and attention on pedantic things. That isn't the profile we want to continue to invest our time and energy in.

Please decommission our access on your side as I've removed your board from our backlog.

I wish you well.



End of story I guess 


Great idea to offer a migration service but in the end I didn’t get anything useful from WeLoveBoards 

I’ve made the jump from Mural to Miro and is a shame we don’t have this import functionality to build up boards. For now I have both in parallel (at my expense) and hope to get my stuff across soon! It’s a shame even elements cannot be copy-pasted! 

@Matt it seems like a logical solution & possibly an opportunity for a service. WeLoveBoards promise that they have an API to do this but I was only ever asked for money and then abruptly “removed from the backlog” when I refused to pay before seeing even a locked board. So could be a scam. I guess the platforms try to have a measure of lock-in. 

would also like to be able to move boards from Miro to Mural … as we are using both! Do not ask why ;)

We need to migrate from enterprise mural to miro. Please provide enterprise-grade-support, that would be of much help and would yield miro much of revenue and users. 

My current job uses Mural, which I see as an inferior (and slightly more expensive!) version of Miro. However, without the ability fo import boards from Mural the changes of me convincing the company to migrate to Miro are very small 😞

Our organization would like to switch to Miro but can’t afford to leave behind all the previous work done in Mural. Without a migration plan, Miro won’t get our business unfortunately.

so…. after 2 years of asking for this feature, the only way to have Mural boards is not to buy Miro services and stay with Mural :-) 


We use Miro internally, but work with other organisations who use Mural. Having this ability would save a lot of time and effort … 

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment about this feature. We understand the frustration and appreciate your patience. Our team is reviewing this idea as it continues to be open for votes and comments.


For those coming across this idea, if you feel this would be helpful for you or your business, please be sure to vote for it and leave a comment about your use case to help our team scope this request!

Thank you,

Miro Community Team

We’re an 1100+ Mural license company looking to leave Mural. What’s stopping us from moving to Miro?… the ability to import Murals to Miro.