Dynamic (re)sizing of Shapes attached to the "Kanban Template"

Using the “Kanban Template” with its feature to add further cards and than automaticly resizes ist very usefull. Sometimes the header in columns and rows is not sufficient to keep all the information needed.

Implementing the the Function that Shapes, when attached (neather to column or row), follow the size (auto adjust) of the cell (when filled with Cards) when it emerges during work, would help.

The Shapes could be filled with any information needed for work (longer titles, Explanations, Icons eg.)

Solutions should work this way:

How it should work together with the “Kanban Template”

Here is an example (Workaround) of a problem that this feature would solve (...and I think there a many more):

Workaround with a Standard Table and manually adjusted cards within the cells


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