Drawing capabilities missed: Layers, pen styles, smooth lines and speed

I would like to share with you my 2 cents to improve Drawing capabilities in miro:

  • At least, I think that it could be great (well, meybe not only great, but a must! 😉 ) to have layers and more pen styles.
  • Also, I could add some "smooth lines” functionality, not for converting “something” into a perfect square/triangle, but just to help taking out these little imperfections when you draw lines.
  • And finally, an important issue I’m facing when drawing in miro is the speed… It doesn’t matter if I draw using my wacom tablet with my macbook, or the android app at my samsung tablet, drawing is really sloooooow! :’(

Hope this ideas will help you improving this great tool you are creating!

Best regards,

    Raúl Herranz



during low fidelity or idea phases, I often just draw with the iPad pen. During later stages I switch to the desktop to improve the fidelity by actually typing out text etc. Whats currently missing is the ability to use layers for this purpose and also to support more pen types such as highlighter. Microsoft Notes level of drawing functionality would absolutely enough.

The layers would be awesome as once could show/hide and of course move easier through fidelity stages and/or use for more advanced drawing.

Keep up the good work.




layers for architecture and engineering

I’m part of a small architecture office, and Miro has been unbelievably helpful to our team to collaborate, especially in a time when we all have to work from home. I see that like other whiteboarding apps, Miro is targeted to product development, where concepts, processes, or interfaces are being mapped, and this is all cool but there’s also a potential userbase of architects, engineers, and contractors, who could benefit from a collaborative drawing environment where they can mark up drawings, share photos from building sites, pull in product information, etc. This would be so useful for contractor RFI’s (request for information), on specific construction details. The image here shows a work session I had with one of our employees today, and we’ve also used it to collaborate on a competition entry:

To support this, a few things would be really appreciated:

  1. Tools for drawing straight or segmented lines. Right now we’re using the connectors which are NOT ideal (they tend to want to connect things). The pen tool is nice with a touchscreen / stylus, but with a mouse it’s not great for precise sketching.
  2. Layers, to help manage complex sketches. Each layer should have a stacking order and be lockable, so we could set up a layer of references, a layer of linework / shapes, and a final layer of notes. Saving default line colours and fills for each layer would be nice, so say there’s a ‘landscaping’ layer, it could be set to green by default.


I agree with the above. The maturity of the drawing tools are not good enough. Layers, pen styles and smoothing of lines would be really helpful. In this way you would differentiate yourself from competing products and support the whole visual thinking/graphic facilitation community.

I would also really like a

  • highlighter to draw peoples attention to ideas
  • unlimited line thickness … on some zoom scales the lines a scaggly and thin
  • More styles … pencil, marker, ball point, crayon, see through etc.