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  • 22 May 2020
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As an architect I desperately need a straight line tool. The current line tool is snaping to everything and resets to selection after each use.

What I want is just an old good point to point line. It should work exactly the same way as a Pen tool and can even be an option for a Pen tool along with eraser.

7 replies

As a faculty member, especially for economics, I need simple tools to draw graphs.  Snapping an x and y axis is a nice feature, but just the basic line feature would help.  The smart drawing doesn’t seem intuitive.  Sometimes it gives me a straight line; sometimes not so much.  Could not find any tutorials on this, either.  Maybe it exists and we just don’t know the secret to using it.

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@Jim Vernon -

Here are a couple of tips on the line capability which might help: 

This is from the help center for this feature:


Thanks, Kiron!  It’s getting easier :)

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The best hack that I have found is to make the line outside of any frame, holding shift. As long as there’s no nearby objects for it to snap to, it is a lot easier to get a straight line!

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Holding CTRL disables the snapping behaviour! Unfortunately you can’t change the default to stop the snapping / connecting.

I wish we could get a freeform filled polygon...

Maybe, the good idea would be to organize the Straight line tool like in Bitpaper:

If you hold some key (for example, Ctrl) the Pen tool transforms into the Straight line tool. Possible options would be:
- a hint with the angle between the line and the horizontal axis;
- the possibility to anchor the end of the line to the end of the another line (for example, holding Ctrl and Shift).
It would be useful for me when tutoring geometry because in this case I can use a pen tablet to write formulas and draw shapes without using toolbar.

Holding Shift just does a selection of objects; it does not draw a straight line.