Disable Magic Organize in the frames sidebar

REQUEST: Disable the magic organize button on the frame sidebar. Or just make it go away. Or make it only available to the board owner.

BACKGROUND: The “magic organise” button has disrupted two of my training sessions. I have a 200 frame canvas which I’ve meticulously organised over two years into columns (logically matching the top to bottom flow of the sidebar). One day about a month ago this wiggly button appears on the frame sidebar. One of my students (or I) inevitably click on it by mistake or out of curiosity and BANG all 200 frames are now ordered in rows. Unless I’m immediately aware that it’s happened (and immediately CTRL Z or ask the specific student to CTRL Z) the board’s order is destroyed and restoring it takes hours. “What slide are we on?” asks one of my students. “I’m sorry I don’t know” I have to say. I guess I could tell all my students NOT to press the wiggly button but that’s like telling someone not to think of juggling clowns… once you’ve said it, it’s almost impossible not to do it!

ASIDE: This seems to reflect an attitude of throwing new options into Miro thinking that new options are always a “value add” without proper thought as to how it might impact particular use cases. These might be considered “edge cases” and therefore unimportant. But anyone who wants to use Miro for training / teaching and has a board setup over a long period of time would have given feedback that this “neat and helpful idea” potentially renders Miro almost useless for training / teaching.



Yes, I wholeheartedly second this. Have to go back to Mural until this is functionality is either removed or hidden.

I agree 100% with Duncan. This feature and the loose (and frankly, irresponsible) decision to give the capability to throw the frame sequencing into absolute chaos is beyond frustrating. This happened to me for the 2nd time in 3 weeks at a class I’m teaching this morning. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me the ability to disable this feature. 

@Miro Community Team -- can you please respond to this issue? The “Organize Frames” options seemed, at least for some amount of time, to be made unavailable to non-board-owners. Now the option appears to be back and available to my students. Can you please clarify your intent and plan with this extremely (potentially) dangerous and disruptive feature!?!