Checklists in Cards

I would like the ability to write checklists in Kanban-cards AND assign tasks in the checklists to members of the team.

I would like the ability to write checklists in Kanban-cards AND assign tasks in the checklists to members of the team.

I think this feature will be helpful for our team too. Meanwhile, I’ll try to see if there is an alternative way to use a checklist inside a card.

This really is an essential feature for us to be able to use Miro to track and allocate workflow.

To add, lists that can be saved as templates.

This would really help my team adopt the Kanban framework. I would settle for the the ability to use more markup language tools in the cards, I thing the ability to add checklists would really knock it out of the park. 


We are used to having multiple checklists in Trello when using Kanbans.:grin:

Many times a card is too much for small, quick lists.  A Checklist will fill that gap.  Even as standalone and not in a Card.  I know there is the one in the Notes sections, which is great, however the ability to drop a Checklist anywhere on any Frame would elevate Miro to the next level, even a way to see an overview of Checklists similar to Cards and Frames.

This would definitely be super helpful. 

I think a good initial implementation would be the markdown implementation, i.e. 


- [ ] 

creates a checkbox. 


Being able to assign individual list items to folks would be a v2 as there would already be workarounds. 


My ask would be that the card cover would show the total checked of all checkboxes, e.g., two lists with three items in each = 6 boxes, with 1 checked in each would show the following on the card cover: 2/6

If it helps someone, in the lesser known feature called Visual Notes, you can add a To do list with checkboxes from Visual Notes Templates:


One unfortunate limitation at the moment is that you can only add one template object per board. However, you can bypass this by opening another board that does not have a visual notes pane template object, create one, and then copy-paste it into another board.

I’m starting to use Miro for my own scrumban board and the ability to create checklists in cards would be ideal. I’ve used Trello for years for this but I’m trying to stick with the tools used in my new company, and we use Miro extensively in other ways. 

I agree with the comments above - for example, let’s say I need to contact certain customers about a new feature. I have 15 customers who will be impacted and need to be contacted. Rather than create 15 separate cards with duplicate info that will crowd my board, I want to create one card with 15 checkboxes that I can check off as I contact each customer. 

I’d even settle for using markup that would cross out or remove the checked object.

Yes this is really important. Strange that this was not included but it is in the notes. if we could get the very same function like in the note thingy that would be perfect

+1 please. Not even in just kanban but… anywhere. Just a simple checklist function like Milanote.

I only have one question:

Did you ever take that nap @Robert Johnson? The most important part of your checklist! 😂

Jokes aside: Checklist and some other features – such as the ability to add images – would greatly enhance the cards in Miro, I'd love for it to be implemented.

@Henrik Ståhl -

Something inside me screams when the phrase “assign tasks” is in the same sentence as Kanban…


@Kiron Bondale Something inside me screams when the phrase “assign tasks” is in the same sentence as anything related to lean-agile. 😂 The only way to be truly lean-agile is to do stuff together. Not work in silos and then “review” each other's work.

For my team, there is work being delivered for a number of business partners. Having an “assignee” listed helps identify the best person to reach out to regarding the work. And while we do “team goals” for our overall performance review, there is still the need for individual accountabilities/measurements.

BTW: I change the title of this post to “Checklists in Cards” vs. “Checklists in kanban cards” as Cards are independent of the current Kanban or User Story Mapping frameworks.

@Robert Johnson Let's continue the discussion in the Lean-Agile Evangelists group. 😉 Great that you changed title of the post! I think I heard a sigh of relief from @Kiron Bondale. 😄

As of 16 Sept 2022 this feature is not added. Also there is no update regarding this.

Yeah, this is a must have! 


Updated idea statusIdeaDelivered

Hi Everyone, 

We’ve marked this Wishlist Idea as Delivered. 
As we have delivered the Checklist, we’re still working on the task assigning functionality. For the time being, we kindly ask you to use @mentions as a workaround.

Miro Community Team