Bulk Move: copy and duplicate of Boards between accounts and projects

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We have a number of ‘master’ boards that have been designed and created in different projects.  The masters will be managed in our methodology team and then copied to other teams & projects for each customer that we have Miro workshops with. 

At present there are at least 70 ish boards which means a lot of moving & copying if we dont have a bulk transfer capability, especially inefficient if we have to move projects, board by board, customer by customer,  so any bulk move we can make would be very valuable.

It would be a great enhancement to Miro to be able to perform the following functions in bulk for multiple selected boards:

  • Copy / Duplicate
  • Move to new Account
  • Move to new Project
  • Download Backup

After duplicating 40 boards by hand before a workshop, I would highly welcome such a feature! I think this is a new(er) kind of Miro users: Lecturers.

See also Twitter thread here: https://twitter.com/ntcoding/status/1280755405166186496

This feature would be highly effective for my remote training classes.

Hello  all,


I guess (hope) I have a question which could fit here:

I have a full licence. I created a lot of templates I want to share with my colleagues who are not in the same team. How can I “send” them an editable copy of the board? The original one should stay in my dashboard and not be changed by anyone… Is this possible? Maybe I can send them a backup file (.rtb file) ? Can they upload it to their dashboard? 


Thanks for any help!

Cheers David



Going through the process of cleaning up our Miro account after a few employees have left and wanted to archive boards and shift them around so that new employees don't have to look at so much clutter but it’s pretty painstaking! Have to go one by one. Would love to be able to drag entire projects into an archive. 

Yes!  A thousand times yes!

Setting up a new “project” for one of our training courses takes so long with the current features.  I would settle for “duplicate project and all boards” in the shorter term.

Longer term, all of the bulk features suggested would be helpful, with the addition of:

  • bulk upload board backups;
  • bulk share boards - because we run public events, and I don’t want everyone on the event to see everyone else’s emails (GDPR!), I share boards on a board-by-board basis (rather than sharing at project level), currently very slowly, one at a time.

There are also some other tweaks that would help:

  1. When uploading a board backup, assume that I want it in the project I am currently viewing and don’t add “Restored” to the name unless there is already a board in the project I’m looking at with that name.
  2. When duplicating a board in a project, don’t automatically go into that board.  It’s quicker for me to click the board i created if I want to go into it rather than click back every time I duplicate a board.
  3. Default to “create a copy in the same project” ticked.  It’s much more likely I’m going to want that, than to put it in the “no project” bucket.  Maybe even make it “create copy in <<clickable project name>>”, ticked by default with the current project name but if I click the name I can change it at this point so duplicate to a new project is one action.
  4. Allow moving to a new account and project *at the same time*, in one action.  It’s a pain to move it to a new account, then go find it in the “no projects” bucket and then assign a project.

Yes, as a lecturer this would make my life much easier (especially if I need to change something in the master board after making the duplicates for my students).

This is a much needed feature. A basic one I might suggest. 

not having this feature will cost us (moving from team to enterprise) about 1-3 hours per head. I think this should be 1 click only.

This would be so helpful! I’m currently duplicating 19 boards to provide identical workspaces for student groups. Duplication, or “mirroring” a reference function would be so great!

Similar and related, please make it so that you can copy personal templates between teams. I’m a consultant and use a set of master templates that need to be used with each client team. It’s very time consuming to have to recreate them or do copy and paste workarounds between teams.

The lack of this feature is killing us offering remote classes right now.  We have a class per week.  3-5 tables in each remote class that all need their own boards.  So if a 2-day class has 12 boards for activities that’s 48 boards that need to be copied per class, one click at a time.  I think this is the best software out there for those of us giving remote classes, but the lack of these features is extremely painful.

It would be particularly great if when duplicating boards they also retained the object locks. As a teacher making boards for a large number of groups that have varying levels of digital competence is a nightmare. I have to lock a large number of components so as to keep the teams from accidentally removing info and instructions they need, but when you duplicate the boards things are unlocked* by default. This means for a large class I have to go through dozens of boards that can have hundreds of objects manually locking things. Using groups makes this a bit quicker, but still a nightmare :sweat:

Bulk duplicating from a template with an adjustable board naming convention would be amazing. Retaining the locked objects and letting me adjust them automatically from a master template would be great as well.

*This was true last time I tried it

Bulk Actions is much needed. Bumping this request up!

I agree with everyone,

As a consultant that works on average of 20 + net new clients a month, this feature would streamline my onboarding process by 10X.

I can foresee this being a make or break feature for certain agencies and organizations that have many moving parts. Luckily I have only 4 boards but plan on expanding into 10 + as my offerings expand.

In addition:

It would be great to combine this with creating subgroups in projects (thread: https://community.miro.com/wish-list-32/folders-directories-in-projects-395)

That way you could move whole projects or groups of boards to nest inside other projects.

I would also love for this feature to be released. We use Miro to create spiral learning activities for our classroom. We have our classes of 10-15 learners work in groups of 2-3 so we need 3-5 copies of the board. Making several copies of the board gets really tedious.

Prior to subscribing to Miro Enterprise, we had 500+ boards created all in the same account/team. We now need to split them out into a number of different teams and projects. As it is, this mostly requires the admin to go in, make themselves the board owner first, then individually move the board to a different team, then individually move it to the right project within that team. Bulk selection and operations would make this sooo much less painful (although, still not a very fun task).


I have over 60 active boards that I need to move and also change the “share settings” of - it would be a great feature to not have to do it manually!

Something like a tick box in front of the board overview would be great. Or also drag and drop would be nice.

Please implement ASAP ;)



any updates on this? there are really critical features (else people just waste way too much time on repetitive manual copying etc)

It is incredible that this simple administrative function is not available, even on “Enterprise” level accounts.

This would be a really great administrative feature that saves time. We have several large teams areas that were created when we first started using Miro, but as the team has grown, so the number of boards and projects has also grown. It has now become evident that we need to break those teams down further and move the projects accordingly. this is likely to take a single person a long time to transfer these as required and would be a really simple process of this feature was possible.

The lack of this functionality has really contributed to Miro administration costing a lot of time overhead for our team. We would love to see this functionality added.

Hey Miro, 2 years have passed and you have not do anything about this feature request. A feature request with 118 upvotes! It is quite evident why you do not want to develop this feature!!! And it can only be explained that somehow this would have an impact in your churn. Disappointed here.

It’s really a pain to keep boards organized – administration of boards seems never been grown out of MVP status; how an that be? Disappointing!

Can someone update the title to include “AI”. The Miro team might notice it then.