Automatic frames when new documents added into a board

This wish comes from the feature of AWW - that automaticly sites are generated when it comes to the fact that a document is placed onto a board.


When we place a document onto the board we drag it onto the board, but to structure it we have to set a frame around every site we like to have.

I like to have an automated solution for this, like the graphic shows:

This would be a timesaver - so please add it!

And it would be great if you vote for it



I am glad you see the value in what awwapp had but I would ammend the idea/wish to adding pages in general.

In awwapp we could do more than this. We could add snipets of pdfs images powerpoints etc, each onto a seperate page. The annotation for each page would remain with the page it was added to. 

Simply put it is a half way solution to what miro currently has and still lacks many of the advantages of pages.