Apple Pencil double tap eraser tool selection

Hello MIRO team. I really love your app. it is the only app on the marketplace which provide all demands of client I think. If you can add the Apple Pencil double-tap eraser tool selection I would be really happy. Thank you very much.

Hi @Ibrahim Rajabli,

Happy to announce, that now you can draw even faster with your Apple Pencil on iPad — simply double-tap to switch between pen and eraser quickly :slight_smile:

Hi @Marina,

I can’t seem to get this feature to work. Am I supposed to be double tapping with a finger or with the Apple Pencil itself? Neither works for me. Or is there a specific place on the screen I’m supposed to be double tapping?

I’ve also noticed that the app sometimes “randomly” switches to eraser, which is perhaps a bug related to this feature.

Overall I love using Miro with the Apple Pencil, and fixing this issue would make it even better.


Hi @A Miro User,

Do you use the iPad app or browser version? As this functionality only works in the iPad app.

You’ll need to double-tap the lower section of Apple Pencil (2nd generation) to switch to the eraser. Also, make sure to check the settings

Hi @Marina,

Thanks so much for clarifying. I am using the native app. I just got my Apple Pencil 2 and had forgotten that the pencil itself has a tappable area. Works great now that I know where to double tap :)

Thanks for your help!