Annoying text editing menu

When write text in Miro, the floating toolkit thingy is always in the way. In this example, I am editing text in this particular cell of a Miro template table.

When I go to the cell below, the text in my first cell is completely blocked by the floating toolbox.

I wish there was a way to push the floating toolbox aside or better yet pin it to the top of the page.


Hello @Connor Anderson ,

You are right,

I tested this and the toolbar come in the way of the tet. 

First row

Second row, and the three lines of above text are hidden by the Toolbar

It would be good to have an option to hide the toolbar.




I would definitely welcome the ability to pin this bar to somewhere in the screen. It’s always getting in the way covering text above it. 

Suuuper annoying. Makes it very hard to work with tables etc. 

This menu thing is madness - can’t write text or amend as it sits right over the top and can’t move it.  Have to drag text away and put back again.  How can it be remedied?