Add "Push backwards/ Bring forwards" option to objects/selections

“Send to back” & “Bring to front” are not enough as soon as your board starts having several layers of objects. Having a “Push backwards/ Bring forwards” that would push/pull the selected objects “one level at a time” towards the back or the front.


Shocking this doesn’t exist, this is like 101 stuff. 

Very important feature. Brute force “to back” and then fix the others relative to the new back is not a good solution.

Am shocked this doesn’t exist in Miro. Such a tease to only have “Send to back” and “Bring to front” available :rolling_eyes: This combined with the fact there is no layers feature (as far as I can tell) is just appalling imho.

Wow as a new user, I was about to upgrade to Miro premium, but the lack of this feature  alone will keep me from doing so.

It’s such a table stakes feature, it makes me wonder what else Miro lacks. I may not even use the free version.

Google Drawing -- the most primitive drawing tool I know -- has this feature.

At minimum, it would be great if someone from Miro could explain the situation and/or manage user expectations.

Def.  plus me in on that.  its a big deal for our team too.

biiig issue

IMO this is the single biggest flaw in Miro at this time.

Still waiting for this. 

I’m going to have to migrate one of my boards out of Miro to some other application with this feature. Generally, it’s not a big deal but the layers in this board tell the story, and it’s unmanageable without this feature.

Time to add this please!

So often I go to hit cmd+Up / Ctrl+Up expecting this… and then remember I have to use Page Up/Page Down… And then remember it messes up all the other layering I had already done. :disappointed:

I am trying two layers, and it is not working. Even the send back, bring front is making no difference 


In Collaboard you can do this - and the best for European users:

If fullfills completely GDPR - and even the dark-mode is there:


@mlanders In what way doesn't Miro comply with GDPR?

@Henrik Ståhl :

I have written this several times here in the community:

I had two specializied GDPR lawyers from germany - and one of them (That one, that I had payed) got the order:

“I have to / want to work with miro
(no matter what it takes)

and fullfill the GDPR (DSGVO) in Germany and have to be sure everything is legal. Please tell me everything that is needed that this is possible”

After a deep research my layer told me:
“It is not possible as long as they didn’t change its data transfer into the US …

Of course you can do it on your own risk … but legally it is not possible”

Both told the same … so I moved to collaboard.


@mlanders Transferring personal data to servers in the US isn’t illegal, you’ve got it all wrong. The GDPR – and the Schrems II ruling – states that organizations are required to pivot their affected transfers to rely on valid mechanisms if they are today relying on Privacy Shield or standard contractual clauses, SCCs.

SCCs are still a valid data transfer mechanism. However, they must be considered on a case-by-case basis, the data exporter and the importer have to take into account whether an adequate standard of protection can be provided in the third-party country the data is being transferred to.

So simply saying that it’s illegal or not allowed is just not accurate.

@Henrik Ståhl :

The answer is very simple:

Everyone who likes an exact answer should contact a GDPR specialized laywer to get the exact answer that is needed.

Mine wich got an clear mission:
Make everything possible what is needed that I can use it, came to the conclusion:

There is no way without getting into conflict with DSGVO (And he is specialized into this since years)

A second one contacted me a month later and told me the same …

So what should I do ….

Believe me:

I was a passionate miro user with nearly two years enthusastic heartbeats for miro … but my educational institute had forbidden to use miro because of this …

and after my layer told me to avoid using miro … what should I do … using it although he told me I will get in conflict … it will be my own risk if I use it

Simple answer:

Everyone who whats to have an exact answer should contact a GDPR specialized layer. Then you can get an 100% believable answer.

No matter what I had written or anyone else here has written.



@mlanders I agree that it’s very simple: It’s basically incorrect to assert that Miro is not compliant with GDPR, or that it’s illegal to process PII on American servers. No matter what you or an anonymous lawyer quoted by you says. :slight_smile:  It’s determined on a case-by-case basis.

@Henrik Ståhl & @all others:

Simple answer:

Google search GDPR (for Germany: DSGVO) specialized lawyer / your country / your town

and ask him / her - then you will get the right answer. - no matter how hot the discussion here is / was.

You will get all facts simply by contacting your lawyer / and then the anonymus turns into a named one.



@mlanders I don’t need to, because I have a whole department full of lawyers who I talk to about these things frequently. Again, it’s determined on a case-by-case basis, and I implore you to stop saying that transferring PII to servers in the US is not allowed because that is simply not true. :slight_smile: 

The legal department of the company I work at have done a full audit of Miro and reached the conclusion that it’s GDPR compliant for internal use, and therefore upgraded to Enterprise Plan.

@Henrik Ståhl :

In my case / our case it was for external use - it was not possible.

My lawyer has gone through every possible thing … but no way - so I was forced to move after nearly two years to Collaboard.

It was not easy to search for an Collaboration tool wich is as nearly as good as miro and on the other had runs on servers in Germany but I have found it.

I’m totally bound with miro

  • I lived
  • I breathed
  • I worked

with miro all time - every day

What kind of reason should I have to

  • search for a new plattform
  • to learn the new handling with it

The only reason was:
I need to collaborate with my clients / with our students without the risk to get in trouble.

Now I can do so.




@mlanders I already know you’re very satisfied with Collaboard, it’s practically the only thing you talk about in this community. :slight_smile:  Which is pretty weird since this is a Miro community. So you’re not getting paid by Collaboard to praise them everyday in the community of one of its biggest competitors? :wink: