Add ability to create a child board from a frame on an existing board

As a user collecting information

I need to share a frame from my master board as a standalone workspace for collaborators

So I can easily manage ideas, feedback and suggestions from many children on a single parent board

  • A child board can be created from a frame within an existing board
  • A child board can be shared separately from its parent
  • A child board has separate permissions from its parents
  • A child board inherits the size/shape of the frame
  • As the child board is updated, its changes are reflected in the frame it was created from on the parent

Hey @Nathan Wright! It is an interesting request. Could you elaborate on your use case, please? 

Hi @Anton Telitsyn , thanks for following up! For context, I work as PM on a couple of applications at our organization - I was using many boards on Miro for each new brainstorming session, customer call etc. but found myself duplicating or losing ideas across them. I consolidated my work into a single, large ‘parent’ board that connects together user challenges, user story exercises and a overarching product roadmap.

Ideally I could share individual sections of this larger board (such as a user story mapping exercise for a particular feature w/the UX + development teams) without having to give full access. Frames have worked well to organize the larger board into workspaces, and were the scope of what I would want to share on a seperate board that connects back to its parent.

Thanks @Nathan Wright for the explanation! I’ll DM you for some details :)

Interesting idea! I can definitely see a use case here: I want to keep the existing board going, but want to create a new board starting with some of the objects in my existing board. Therefore, I would even break this down idea to the option to create a new board from a selected group of objects.

I would like the ability to EMBED a board into another board.  Just like I can PASTE a PDF or PPT file which remains linked, or use Web Page Capture.

This would allow me to Link work across multiple boards.


Pasted board would remain linked, unless broken (becomes a copy).

Clicking an embedded board would open that board normally.