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How do I share my Miro boards?

  • 19 April 2021
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Hey everyone!

With Miro, you can easily share your boards with collaborators - board sharing settings allow you to invite other people and change users’ access to your boards at any time. 

:mag_right:  We prepared a list of popular questions for those who would like to better understand board sharing permissions. Follow the links below to find the answers in Miro Help Center


2 replies

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Thanks for sharing all the required guides for sharing a Miro board!

I have multiple projects (in Miro) and have locked down the boards within those projects so that only select individuals can make changes to them. As part of this, I am using the Jira add-on, and I am wondering if there is a way to regulate different Jira backlogs by Miro board (so, my product backlog in Jira is only usable by the team members assigned to that board in Miro, and the team members assigned to my feature request board in Miro should NOT be able to create / modify any Jira tickets)

Does that make sense? Is it possible, like in the pic below?