Share Distributed '23 Feedback for a Chance to Win 🏆

  • 18 October 2023
  • 31 replies
Share Distributed '23 Feedback for a Chance to Win 🏆
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Miro Community! Join the Distributed ‘23 conversation and enter for a chance to win! 

Distributed ‘23 may be over but it’s now available on-demand and we want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below your favorite sessions, speakers, and any learnings you took away from our inspiring speakers. Be sure to also share your questions and ideas on how we can improve the overall experience too. We’re giving away 5 VIP Miro hoodies so comment and share your feedback by October 25th for a chance to win! 



Just in case you get lost as you view, here’s your event guide filled with everything you need to help you navigate through all of our incredible Distributed ‘23 sessions. We’re so excited to have you and can’t wait to hear what you think!



31 replies

For me, the best presentations were those with retro ideas and, of course, escape room! They are a treasure trove of inspiration and motivation, filled with numerous tips and tricks. The fantastic work put into these presentations by incredibly talented professionals is truly remarkable. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this event. Thank you so much! 😍💖🚀

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Hope to see this in the on-demand: Rethinking psychological safety in hybrid teams by Lois Newman as I don’t see it posted here:

I’m still waiting to see the sessions!😫😭


Unfortunately, the broadcasts were via youtube and were not rated for all viewers, so my companies enforced “Restricted Mode” policies prevented me (and many others) from getting to join yesterday.  We were told all sessions will be available as recordings immediately afterwards, but I haven’t seen them post, yet.  When will they be available?  And please set the ratings so people with aggressive corporate policy restrictions can still see them!

Hope you’ll be able to provide this feedback to the technical team, and there’s something that can be done to prevent this next time around.

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I had a fantastic experience at Miro Distributed '23 and learned a lot from the speakers and sessions. I liked how the event was conducted online and addressed a wide range of issues about teamwork, creativity, and innovation.


Some of my favourite sessions were: 

  • 👉 "Rethinking psychological safety in hybrid teams" by Lois Newman. She provided five practical ideas for increasing psychological safety and performance in distant teams. She also demonstrated a Miro board template for team retrospectives, which I found quite useful.
  • 👉 "Future of Collaboration: Co-creation with Miro AI" by Indra Kusuma. He illustrated how Miro's AI technologies and app connections can improve operations and enable team collaboration. He demonstrated how Miro can produce notes, summaries, and graphics in response to instructions. Miro AI's capabilities have amazed me, and I want to use them in my own projects.
  • 👉 "Next level Miro shortcuts and processes" by Sidhant Ahluwalia. He shared several pointers and strategies for making Miro work more efficiently and successfully. He demonstrated various secret zooming, panning, and selection shortcuts. He also demonstrated some creative approaches for various use cases. This workshop taught me a lot and I believe it will save me time and effort while utilizing Miro.


Some aspects that I believe should be improved are as follows: 

  • 👉 It would be wonderful to have more interactive sessions in which participants may participate and ask questions. To boost involvement, perhaps some breakout rooms or polls might be included. 
  • 👉 Clearer instructions on how to access on-demand recordings and materials would be beneficial. The many apps and websites that were offered confused few of my friends. I missed few sessions, and I couldn't readily get the recording or the slides.
  • 👉 More ways to network and communicate with other Miro users and professionals would be fantastic. Perhaps some virtual coffee chats or speed networking events might be planned. 

Kindly note: I have tried my best, but I might have missed some important points or details. 


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Hope to see this in the on-demand: Rethinking psychological safety in hybrid teams by Lois Newman as I don’t see it posted here:

Hey Kevin! So happy to hear you enjoyed Distributed ‘23! Our team is working on getting all on-demand sessions up soon!

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Thank you to everyone who has shared their feedback! If you more thoughts to share you can still do so! We’ll be reaching out to 3 winners of the Miro hoodies via DM by end of week!