Miro Webinars | August 2021

  • 30 July 2021
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Miro Webinars | August 2021
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Hi Miro Heroes, 

It's that time again! Read ahead for the Miro August Webinar schedule:


Getting Started with Miro

📅 Every Wednesday and Thursday

You'll learn how to: 

  • Use basic tools to create effective content for your use case
  • Collaborate most effectively with your colleagues
  • Integrate Miro into your existing workflows and tools.


Let's Meet in Miro

📅 August 11th or August 25th at 8am PT

You'll learn how to:

  • Leverage features like reactions and stickies to keep engagement and collaboration high in your next meeting
  • Architect the right board based on your meeting purpose and size for maximum impact
  • Use quick tips to generate an effective meeting space in 5 minutes or less.


Miro for the Workshop Leader

📅 August 18th at 8am PT

You'll learn how to:

  • Create an effective workshop board from scratch or inspired by one of your previous events
  • Leverages features like frames and links to help participants navigate smoothly through the event
  • Generate engagement, fun, and productivity with our tools.


Hosting Your Next Successful Brainstorm

 📅 August 24th at 8am PT

You'll learn how to:

  • Leverage best practices for creating a welcoming, productive brainstorm
  • Empower your team or group to generate and sort through ideas using Miro tools
  • Use standard and custom templates to encourage great work in your next session.


Running Agile Events in a Remote First World

📅 August 31st at 8am PT

You'll learn how to:

  • Recreate backlog refinement, sprint planning, and sprint review events online
  • Architect PI (Big Room) planning experiences in Miro
  • Organize your account to support several scrum teams and their workflows.


Save your spot today! :nerd:


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