Using REST API to create Widgets, can they be attached to existing widget context?

  • 1 December 2020
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For some context, I’m looking to connect another one of our applications to Miro to populate a Kanboard with Project data. I’m accomplishing the creation and description portion of this idea programatically, but needing to put the idea into the correct swimlane that indicates each individual projects progress manually. Also unable to add tags programatically which contains project tag data. 


I’m wondering if the kanban board will ever get support to add cards to an existing kanboard via api, and also interested in when adding tags to cards will be a supported feature. 


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Hello Uday,


There are no immediate plans to add kanban support to the SDK. Right now, we are focusing on improving the functionality for the widgets we currently support. Support for kanban is something that might come in the future, but we cannot give a timeline for that. 

I will communicate with the team about adding tags for cards through the SDK. Since we currently support the CARD widget, this is something that we will fix sooner.


Kind regards.



Hi Uday, I am working on a similar functionality -  create/update widgets (cards mainly) from external application. I am just starting and interested to see what other people managed to achieve.

What platform do you use? Can you share your experience?