Trouble using app outside of developer team

  • 12 July 2020
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I’ve created an app and tested it in my dev team.  Now I want to use it on my real team with other users.  From step one here, it looks like I should be able to use the “Install app and get OAuth Token” button to get an accessToken.  While I was able to get one that works on the board in my dev team, it doesn’t seem to work for boards in my real team.  If I go to the “API, SDK & Embed” tab of my profile, I see my test app listed associated with a team of “Dev team”.   I can’t seem to edit this to associate it with another team.  If I try to create a new app, it only lets me pick the Dev team.

How can I use this app I created with a real team?  It’s a command line tool, so I don’t think I can participate in an OAuth flow.  It’s not running from a web site.


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Hey Steve!

To use the app with a “real” team, you need to install it there.

There are multiple way to do that:

Hope this helps!