Simple random number generator?

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Would there be a quick and dirty way to create a random number widget/addin which could be used for things like simulating a coin flip or rolling a dice? 

Right now, I’m using an external URL to Google Dice but would prefer something which didn’t require learners to jump out of their class boards.



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Hello everyone!

Our development team has created just such a plugin.

The plugin is a dice that you can click on to get a random number. You can use this plugin to play some games or randomly select a person or whatever you want.

You can see how it works in this post: 

If you want this plugin, you can write me a personal message or reply in this topic :slight_smile:


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I found the following code which uses a third-party site to do this. I dropped it into an iframe widget and it works but is still a bit kludgy:

<iframe src=";buttontxt=Roll&amp;width=160&amp;height=200&amp;border=on&amp;bgcolor=%23FFFFFF&amp;txtcolor=%23777777&amp;altbgcolor=%23CCCCFF&amp;alttxtcolor=%23000000&amp;defaultmin=1&amp;defaultmax=6&amp;fixed=on" frameborder="0" width="160" height="200" scrolling="no" longdesc="">
The numbers generated by this widget come from RANDOM.ORG's true random number generator.

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I’ll see what I can do… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi @Leo Caves !

The plugin is already available. I will send a link to install it in personal messages.

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Thanks Michael! 

It is still a bit of an ugly solution as you can’t customize the look of the iFrame box and I’ve been unable to get the external widget to use different text labels or colors. 

Perhaps @Boris Borodyansky will find a half-hour of spare time on his hands to whip up a quick bottom bar app for us :joy:


I really would like the plugin, too! Already busy building boardgame tables.

Hi Alexander, same to me - I would love to give it a try!

I’d like to try it, too. Thanks!

Hi @Alexander Kuznetsov 

Very interested to use the random number plugin

We are developing a board to host a multi-day workshop and have a collaborative exploration/synthesis frame where we need a bounded random number generator.

I watched the demo video on the twitter link.  When will the “dice” go live?

Many thanks


Hi @Alexander Kuznetsov

Many thanks Diceman!

We’ll feedback on our experiences...

Hi @Alexander Kuznetsov

This is really a great news! I was just looking for a solution for having a dice inside my board… :-) 

Can you please send me the plugin?

Thanks a lot in advance!



Hello Alexander, I would like to try it out for my research session too, thank you very much. 

@Alexander Kuznetsov Could you please send me the plugin


@Alexander Kuznetsov I would love the plugin too! Currently creating a boardgame in Architecture school :)

Good morning, @Alexander Kuznetsov

I’m so excited to try the dice, would you be so kind to send me the plugin!?  

Thank you so so so much!!!


hey @Alexander Kuznetsov, i’d love this plug-in as well! 

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Hi Kiron,

it works - thanks for sharing.

Whats nice is that the rest of my board gets greyed out and this tool gets into the focus.


Hi Alexander, What a nice plugin :) !! I would love to try with my colleagues in the workshop. Thanks !! 

I also need the dice roller desperately! Trying to find something, but nothing works but the one Kiron suggested. The problem of this “dice” is that only the person who rolls it can see the result. Working with children I can´t always trust the numbers they say they get :sweat_smile: ! So, @Boris Borodyansky I will also be terribly grateful for your kind support! 


Hi Alexander,
It works fine for me, thanks again!

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@Aleksandra Dmitrieva -

A solution (third-party) was provided here:


is a reply here still the way to recieve this plugin? Would really like to use it. 


(Are you going to publish it?)


Thanks - Heiko



Hello @Alexander Kuznetsov , could you please me the plugin? Cheers, Christoph

Hi Alexander, 

would be very interested in the plugin as well. birthday for my son…

thx verx much