QA Project 03/10/2022

  • 2 October 2022
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Create a Web Application that integrates a database which demonstrates CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete).Use CI (Continuous Integration) CD (Continuous Deployment) Pipeline.

My project is linking a Chef, giving a brief information on the Chef, allowing the user to  pull a chosen recipe from the database download it to allow the user to read and use the ingredients to cook the meal.


  1. Front End : Website Login In:
  2. User Creation : Setup:-  User Name, Password, Email, 
  3. Click link to pull link to Chef to give brief information
  4. Set up drop down menu to pull 3 different menu’s for the user to download.
  5. Recipe gets deleted off container / docker

1 reply

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Hey @Satish Jethwa,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your project details!

Are you considering using the Miro Developer Platform for your project? If so, you might be interested in leveraging our REST API or Web SDK. Of course, just let us know if you have any specific Miro-related questions—we’ll be happy to help out however we can. 😀