Miro widget metadata not complete?

  • 7 October 2020
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Hi, I’m working on a custom miro extension using javascript. It will function as a “layer” extension, something like photoshop uses to layer different edits on a photo. Miro board natively supports Bring to front and Send to back. I’m looking to apply this function to the whole layer, so for example if there were 10 widgets in a specific layer and a user brings that layer to front all widgets will be moved to front. I tried digging in miro board widget metadata but can’t find any attribute of a widget that represents bring to front or bring to back. In CSS this could be referred to as “z-index” of a object or element. Thanks for any help, alternatively is there any way to contact someone from the dev team and ask them?


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Hello Sami,

I’ve looked through the SDK and it appears that the z-index is not exposed. However, the functionality to bring widgets forward (miro.board.widgets.bringForward(WIDGET_ID)) or send them backwards (miro.board.widgets.sendBackward(WIDGET_ID)) is available:


I hope this clarifies the situation.


Kind regards.