Miro + Airtable + Softr... Is it possible?!

  • 1 May 2022
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Hello Miro Developer Community!


I have encountered a challenge that is beyond my current technical capabilities. 


We have the Venture Map Miroverse template and have been building Hi-Res Venture Maps for clients for over 2 years through Miro. Now, we want to provide advanced Venture Maps to more users through a dedicated membership site. 


Here is part of the automation flow / use case we are seeking to build: 

  1. User Opt’s In through website (VideoAsk “Form”) 
  2. Zapier creates a copy of our advanced Venture Map template board assigned to the user (with editing rights) 
  3. Zapier takes the user’s name, email, Miro Board link, and sends it to Airtable, which is our database behind Softr. 
  4. Softr is cued that a new user / board has been put into Airtable and then creates a new membership page for them + sends out log in information to the user via email. 
  5. PROBLEM STEP: Through some form of HTML / javascript wizardry, the iFrame embed code from that user’s newly copied board within Miro is “pasted” into their new membership page within Softr. 

Desired outcome: 

“Users can log into a membership portal to access their Venture Map (custom Miro Board that is embedded into their Softr dashboard).” 


Does anyone know if if it is even possible to solve the challenge step above? 


Thank you in advance for your time and insights. 




Logan Skees 

2 replies

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@Logan Skees -- this is actually completely possible! You can embed an existing Miro board into any website, allowing users to view and interact with the Miro board directly from your page.

In your case, I think the Direct Link option is going to be the right choice to look into, since you already know the board ID from the link. You’ll also want to look at the `embedAutoplay` option so that the user can see the board immediately when the page loads. Note that the same permissions that the user currently has for the board (i.e. view, comment, edit) will apply to the embed.

Good luck!


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Hi @Logan Skees . We also use Miro → Airtable to push over data in a structured way. It´s build with an custom app but doable.