Is there a way to easily combine text from multiple stickies using APIs?

  • 15 November 2021
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I have a Jobs to be done exercise and need to summarise each job at the end of the activity.


All the text from the yellow stickies into the pink stickies. Any advice on best way to do this (even if it involves using developer APIs etc)

2 replies

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Its not immediately available, but super doable. 


Once I built an excel or google sheet with formulas, I can run the whole process in less than 1 min. (watch end of video): 

  • Make a 3byX array of selectable objects.
    • Make the sentence stems(prompts at top) selectable (unlocked).
  • Select only the headers and the response sticky notes. 
  • Align objects perfectly using the Autoformat tool: (while you have board items 

  • Right click on your board selection and select “Export to CSV” from the menu. 
  • Open that CSV. Copy the 1 col of data and paste into your (pre-formula’ed) concatenator excel or google sheet. 
  • Select the pink col, copy and paste back into board. 
  • Use the above ‘Autoformat’ tool to get back to a 3 wide array and lasso select off the blanks. Voila! 


Concatenator google sheet.




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Wow. Thanks for the detailed walkthrough and making the time and effort to go the extra mile with recording it. I appreciate it :grinning: