How to get the share board link of a web whiteboard programmatically?

  • 28 September 2021
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Hi there, 

I want to get the share board link from a web whiteboard without pressing the button manually. Is there a way?


When you go to and press the button “share board” you get a shareable link like

Is there a way to directly create a board and get a shareable link? I checked the Miro API, but it seems that you can’t use it to create web whiteboards. 


Thanks, Leif

5 replies

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Indeed, the web whiteboard product is a standalone, pared-down Miro product and the Miro REST API does not work with it. 

To create a whole Miro board:

You can check this:

to see that you can automatically create a Miro board from the API and then you can discern its URL (as the Create Board method returns the Board Object and in it the Board ID, and you know the board URL is created by appending that ID to*

for doing what you want- the problem is 2-fold: 1) it’s a full Miro UI…but most problematic, (but I haven’t tested this) it appears that the access policy options you have for the board don’t allow non team members to edit the board, they reserve that only as an option for team members. These “access policy” things can be a little tricky to understand…. But if you’re ok with the first issue here… maybe try and see if there’s access policy configuration that will get guest editing a possibility. 

@Anthony Roux is my understanding of the access policy limitations on the create board method with the current REST API correct? → that you would not be able to programmatically allow non-team member guests to edit a board. This would have to be a manual operation..? 

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Hi @struggystrug,


I would need to better understand your use-case to recommend the best way of implementing it.


Max is right, webwhiteboard is a standalone application. If you want to use the REST API you will need to use Miro directly.


Embedding Miro in another application

We do offer a way to embed Miro in other solutions, it is named Live Embed, you can find the documentation here.


Live Embed might be what you are looking for, it comes with different features like boardspicker and temporaryboards.


Sharing a board with REST API:

You can share a board with other users using this REST endpoint.


Retrieving a board URL with REST API:

You can use the Get Board API to retrieve the link of a specific board (Max is right, you can build it by yourself if you have the board id).


Creating a new board using REST API:

As Max mentioned, the Create Board API allows you to create a new board into a specific team and manage the sharing policy. @Max Harper yes with this endpoint you cannot provide edit access to a guest user.


Hi @Anthony Roux , I’m trying to programmatically share a Miro board with a non-interactive display:

  • we have a mobile app that works like a remote controller of the non-interactive display
  • the app let the user login and pick the Miro board he want to send to the display
  • now I’m trying to generate a share url (or something like this) that can be open on the display. The display is running my custom software and can launch a web browser, but remember that the display is non-interactive: the user can’t manually insert password/code/login on the display




Thanks, Luca

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Hey @Developers Re Mago,

Great questions, and I can definitely appreciate your use case. Regarding an API for the Quick sign-in, I’m afraid we don’t support an end user authorization like this at the moment, though it’s a great suggestion. Currently requests to Miro’s API on behalf of another user are handled via OAuth. 

As for retrieving a share URL, this specific URL (with the share link id in the params) is only supported by the Miro UI. The closest option exposed in the API currently would be the `viewLink` returned by the GET Board endpoint. But, you would need to make use of the POST Share Board endpoint first. 

I’m afraid we don’t have an exact way to handle this kind of share flow that you’re describing at the moment, but I absolutely understand how this would be valuable. I’m happy to raise this internally as a feature request, but hope this helps to clarify current support at the moment. 


Thanks for the reply,

I found a different solution, I can set the sharingPolicy.access of the board to view, than send the direct link to the display:{board_id}


This flow seems to works, the only drawback is that the board become public.