Creating a Miro board with varied templates from a web application

  • 1 August 2023
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Hello all, I want to create a react web application from which i can select multiple templates and then create a Miro board with all these templates. I am new to Miro and I am not sure how to proceed?. Kindly share your thoughts

1 reply

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Hi @Bhavana Kumar,

Welcome to our Developer Community—it’s great to hear that you’re interested in building a Miro app. Happy to shine some more light on the options available to you! 😀

First, if you’re interested in building a react-based application, you will most likely want to leverage our Web SDK. If you’re brand new to Miro’s Developer Platform/Web SDK, our guided on boarding for the Web SDK is a great place to get started:
Onboarding Essentials

More specifically, to create a react-based app, you can leverage our npm package, `create-miro-app`, which helps you generate a boilerplate react app with our Web SDK built in. You can find an in-depth training on this workflow here:
Create your 1st Miro App

As for creating an app that allows you to apply templates to a Miro board, this is a great idea, though I should note that we don’t currently support managing/applying Miro board templates via our Web SDK or REST API. It’s a great suggestion, however, and something we hope to explore more in the future. If you’re interested in seeing this capability, I’d also encourage you to upvote this feature on our product roadmap here:
CRUD Templates

Having said that, there are lots of CRUD methods available in our Web SDK to create and manage board items. You can see all the supported methods in our reference docs here.

I hope these details are helpful, Bhavana!