Create a custom Mind Map

  • 12 September 2023
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We would like to have the option to build a mind map with several constraints on it to impose a structed repetitive order.

Is it possible to create one from scratch?

4 replies

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Hello Elad,


Andrew here from the Support team!


Sure, you can create and customize Miro Mindmap nodes (both root node and any number of child nodes) with various settings and properties useng the Miro SDK!


Here’s a reference to an article that’s dedicated to the mentioned topic -


Please let us know if that helps or if you have more questions on the subject! Have a lovely day!

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Thank you for the reply! and apologies for the newbie follow up question.


Can we implement a background script that will edit and impose certain properties of the mindmap’s nodes in the background as those are being created an/or edited e.g. background-color, location, text etc? 


For example if we want a mind map where the nodes have a color according to some pattern (red/green/red/green..),  or alternatively limit the number of children for a specific node etc.


We would like it to be interactive.. such that it is not needed to open/close apps/tools.


Thank you!

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Hey Elad,

Sure, glad to help!


To begin with - a background script is indeed the most popular way to interact with Miro boards via SDK. Normally, an app is created within Miro to serve as a link to the background script that is run on your end, and no “opening the app” is required as it’s installed once in a specific team and is applied to the whole team afterwards.


You can find the SDK introduction in this article -

Alternatively, you can look at this brief video to see how to start wroking with SDK -


As for the reactive actions to alterate the Mindmap nodes by, you can check the tutorial part regarding the events to connect the SDK reactions to -


All in all, I would recommend you to look through the SDK documentation as it covers the SDK-related topics in some detail!

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Amazing! Thank you!