Everything You Need to Know About Miro Wish List

  • 19 June 2020
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Excited to improve Miro? Here’s everything you need to know on how to submit ideas to our Wish List and help make Miro better! 


What's the Community Wish List?

It's where we gather ideas to make Miro even better!


How to Submit A New Idea 

  • Go to community.miro.com/ideas and log into your account
  • Click Submit an idea under the search bar OR Create Topic in the top right corner 
  • Select the post type “Wish List Idea”
  • Write out your idea
  • Add product area tags 
  • Hit 'Create’ and voila a new Idea is born 
  • Our team will process your new idea in 1-5 business days and determine if it is open for new votes 

How to Vote on An Existing Idea 

  1. Go to community.miro.com/ideas and log into your account
  2. Browse the Wish List by your desired product area categories {New}
  3. Once you find an Idea you like, click the blue ‘up-vote’ button to vote  
  4. Add any additional feedback or ideas to the existing idea by sending a reply 

Understanding Idea Statuses

Once you submit an Idea, our team will take 1-5 business days to process it to determine the following statuses your submission falls under: 

  • New: Newly submitted idea and needs to be processed by Miro before it’s open for votes & comments 
  • Pending Feedback: Miro awaiting additional community feedback or clarification before making a decision
  • Open: Idea open for votes and comments
  • In Development: Miro actively working on a solution for the requested feature
  • Beta: Feature developed, undergoing testing with select customers before wider release
  • Delivered: Request implemented, fully available in our product
  • Closed (Duplicate Idea): Reviewed and identified as a duplicate request. Not open for comments or votes
  • Closed (Existing Feature): Idea already part of an existing feature in our product
  • Closed (Not Planned): Reviewed; not currently planned for development
  • Closed (Inactive): Closed due to spam, inactivity, or not meeting guidelines. Not open for comments or votes

What Happens Next?

Our team gathers feedback from various sources to prioritize updates and features, using both internal and external data points to do so. This helps us create a roadmap aimed at bringing the most value to the greatest number of our customers.

While we welcome new ideas, we can't guarantee your idea will be implemented and may sometimes choose to address issues differently than suggested. We're committed to listening to all customers to make Miro better and excited to read your ideas! Here are a few examples of the Ideas created by you that we’ve delivered in the past:


💡 Tips for Great Ideas

  1. Check if your idea already exists. You can upvote or reply to an existing idea 
  2. Use clear titles that summarize your idea 
  3. Share one idea per post, please
  4. Explain your idea fully using this template
    • Title
    • Description (copy and paste this into your idea description for ease of use) 
  • I use Miro to…
  • I find it difficult to… 
  • A possible solution would be…


Your input matters and we can’t wait to hear your ideas and more about your experiences with Miro. And don’t forget to check out our What’s New Changelog for weekly product updates. Happy collaborating and stay tuned! 





Note: Miro’s Wish List drives innovation through user feedback. Here you can suggest and vote on ideas and gather support for submissions you’re passionate about. The popularity of an idea helps us understand what’s important to you and determine the requests our product development teams should consider.

We are committed to communicating with you and giving you updates on your submissions through consistent and timely status updates and comments directly from our team.

Please keep in mind that when determining which features to implement, we evaluate many internal and external data points to build an effective roadmap that allows us to bring the most value to the greatest number of our customers. We do not guarantee that your idea will be implemented, and in some cases, we may choose to solve the problem in a different way than originally suggested.


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Hi @Manouska It would be a great addition to have a section “My upvotes” in which Miro users can easily track items that they upvoted. Their own personal wish list 🙏