Would you like to make your canvases even more awesome?

  • 4 March 2021
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Hi All! Lucie from Amsterdam here 👋  

Do you create collaborative canvases for your team, other teams or clients? I’m looking for people to interview for my research on how you can be better supported in your objectives and work processes to make superior workshops and canvases.

If you’re similar to any of these, I’d love to talk with you:

👨💻 Consultants who uses canvases to deliver workshops with clients
👩💻 Creators who use their canvases as a method of communication, documentation and problem solving
🧑‍💻Team leaders using canvases internally with their teams
👩🎨Designers who visualise canvases for others to use in workshops

You’ll be helping me avoid rookie mistakes by providing real insights with which to assess my ideas.

In return, I can offer my utmost thanks and appreciation for your time and early-beta access to any ideas that come to fruition - and of course appreciative discounts when I go live.

Sounds interesting?
Great! Please answer a few short questions about you and your preferred contact method on this typeformso we can set up 20-25 minutes at a convenient time.

No thanks, pass!
You can still help my research by DMing me your advice on what can be improved with my approach. Win Win and I’ll happily share the outcome with you if you'd like.

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@Lucie A Thanks for sharing!